Sunday, July 18, 2010

Diploma Convocation

Yo~, i'm graduated yet Diploma only. Still have 2 years for me to go for Advanced Diploma. I never know how my future will be. I will DO my best. Study diploma is chosen by me. Until that day, i never regret what i had did in Diploma. I able to do what i promise to myself. Never fail any of my subject. I never knew i really can success to do it. I'm so happy yet i feel still not enough(this is human being), i'm choose to continue advance diploma. Somehow, i feel this is not the direction that really i want to. But, since already week 10. I don't want to think any impossibility or maybe any possibility. Advance Diploma is totally different with diploma. Year1 Sem1 everything is just starting, i don't want to trouble any troubles, something can't change in my life, the way is don't pay any attention on it and skip it. it is just rubbish. Come on, life still long, world so big, i'm only 20. I have gone through the life 20 years. From kids until teenagers and into young adult. Coming 10 years will be an adult. I'm stepping another different 10 years in my life. Until now had been 3 months. There may be different challenges may come toward me. As a student, DO NOT LAZY, this is the most important.

I only ask my aunt and my mami to come my convocation. I believe myself i could have another graduate in coming 2 years. Thanks for make my dream come true.

I got 2 flowers^. ^ one from mami and one from aunt. So happy and so proud. haha.

I like to see everyone smile. And thanks you all bright up my 2 years Diploma.

S1sian must stay happy always.

Someone is missing here. I thanks for the someone very much here too.

Saturday, July 3, 2010


Few month ago~
my leg was sting by Bee!!


This few month, I bought this all stuff,
for interest...ZZZZZZz...