Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Just let all my college memories stop here.

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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Before Departure to UK

16 June 2012 @11.15am, on Saturday in Sheffield. I've been delay my blog about a couple of weeks already. Having a feel to give up blogging, but, I'm still log in and keep typing for no reason and automatically.

Just that, don't have much words to describe my feeling either excited or expected or coming UK to completed my task.

Is my first time to travel UK,
is my first time to leave home, 
is my first time to leave all my family, 
is my first time to live with other than family. 
Hope this would be my happy memories in the future.
and trying my best to be good.

Before this, I've few people that wanna thanks to.
My love, my aunts, my cousins and my family.

Only 3 or 4 months is staying in UK, 
is a shorter time, but when you really go through day by day,
it's D.I.F.F.E.R.E.N.T. 

Sunday, 03/06/2012
Visited my lovely cousins.
Had a dinner @Watami Malaysia (Japanese Casual Restaurant) in Paradigm.

If you like Japaneses food remember this, because their food was really N.I.C.E.
The marks that they gained from was their super polite customers' services. 
For example, when you needed to ordered something, they'd squatted down and make order for you :) 

Monday, 04/06/2012
Starting to prepared my stuffs. 

My mum bought it since I born and kept it for 22 years.
But, careless me, just broke it T.T

Tuesday, 05/06/2012
my present from my love before the day I leave


My facial products that brought to UK,
Oops, not all is mine.
I helping one of my friend to bring too

Oh, my Japanese Cuisine

Wednesday, 06/06/2012

"Last day" stay in my Malaysia room.

Thanks my 5th aunts purposely come to visit me :)

Sunday, May 13, 2012

1 week

If I could sit and lay down in the middle and beside the tree. An then, my life will become awesome. 

I'm kind of in another stage of my life. It's busying. Busy in preparing. 

I have been abandon my blog for a week and I would still be continuing not blog until June

Going to study aboard for 3 months cause abandon to blog for few weeks. 

Yet, CFP module 5 test is coming soon. On the day after next Sunday. 

Still, need to work until the end of this month. 

No special mood, because no special expectations. Although, I'm gonna to study aboard. It might be it's just only 3 months. And then, going there is really for study. 

Just Normal.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Pizza San Francisco @KL Festival City Mall

We had a dinner together again in last week.
Alright, not because I love pizza, not because I crave for long time.
We just simple picked one food store in Festival City Mall.

BUT, because it's a big pizza, the special ones. So, I decided to share it to everyone. 

It named San Special, Two in one special, Half a colones with turkey salami and half a pizza with minced chicken, cherry tomato, garlic, chili and mozzarella cheese.

Of course, we couldn't finished it. It's really big food 'for us', but, we felt bulged instead of fulled.
Let me explained with the tasted, hmm.. the bread like the thick crust normal pizza, the turkey was the main food I like. The sauces could be slightly similar like those pizza tomato sauces, slightly, ha. 

That's all people, have a try? 

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Tong Pak Fu Malaysia@ MV,KL

May! It's May. Time flies. Super fast! Hello, May. Let's have a great month like April.

Alright, this gonna be a food post. 
Tong Pak Fu, sounds familiar for you, right? Of course, I don't have the strength skills like those awesome food bloggers that they are carving for food every time, especially looking for new food, good describing food in their blog. I'm so enjoy reading their blog, too, really.

I always prefer blog my lifestyle type, ngek ngek! Because Tong Pak Fu has the food that I like, because I wanna to blog down my every single moment with Dan. Yeah, *tongue* *wink*, that's it.

KL has achieved a few difference kind of food level now, isn't it? Nyonya's, Japanese's, Taiwanese's, HK's food and so forth. 
Tong Pak Fu in Mid Valley Megamall is the latest outlet of popular dessert store from Hong Kong if I no mistaken. The very first time I had, was in Empire Subang, Subang Jaya with my lovely cousin sisters, and Paven, Dan was there, too. 

I had this, Glutinous Rice Ball with Black Sesame & Peanut Toppings. (麻甩(芝麻糖不甩)) It's nice to eat. I love the taste, all my cousins and Dan were also given a good comment. Good. 
(copy & paste)
Last Wednesday, me and Dan needed some thing to occupy 40 mins before entered into cinema. Tong Pak Fu posters everywhere, special offer for specific food with the GSC ticket. It was cool. 

I ordered my 2 favorites, Black Sesame Cream (芝麻糊) and Chocolate Lava Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream. 

*Yum, Yum* 

(copy & paste)
I craved for the Black Sesame Cream for what a long long time. Well, I'm HK drama TV fans when I was child, those actor/ress always mentioned Black Sesame Cream so nice in the TV shows, but, like couldn't found in Malaysia, I always asked my mom till I fed up to search, ya, I started to find it when I was 10 years old. But, happy, I had it finally*Dance*. Twice, I had Black Sesame twice in TPF but diff place. 

(copy & paste)
The Chocolate Lava Cake, hmm, this, like the Volcanic Choc @Vivo. HuiPinYau, you have make me serious addicted to this food, I ordered every time when I visited a dessert store. Like Sweet Hut serves this kind food as well. But, not as good as Volcanic Choc @Vivo and Chocolate Lave Cake @TPF. 
Hmm~ the warm, melted chocolate erupting from the cake is awesome. Have one scoop of the delicious cake and vanilla ice cream each. Wait for the melting sensation, which sets in after the hot meets cold overture.

Have a TRY, People!

Ohya, have a try their Mango Snow Ice, good to try if you like Snow Ice!

Monday, April 30, 2012

My 22nd birthday in SG

A lil hard for me to blog this post. 
I feel a lil bit awkward, don't know why? I feel so, maybe because I don't have a trip with family before(Alright, once, but long time)
And still is not my family. 
Anyway, let me just concentrate only with Dan

In April, 14. The day before my birthday, we, me and Dan's family headed to Singapore (SG). Actually, his family wanna to pay a visit for his youngest sis, Mea Hweei. Plus, the Nature Owlet shop had some Science Centre books needed to be restocked. So, SG 2 days 1 night trip here we were. 

We departed in the afternoon 1200, if I no mistaken. 
The first place we had was the Nanyang Girls' High School, yeah, that's the purpose we went SG. 
Super huge High School, clean High School that I ever seen. Is it bigger than our Chong Hwa Independent High School? Maybe, well, I'm not sure.

The hostel located in between the high school. We only managed to stay in front, I think quarter of the hostel in visitor living room or enjoy the exercise ground. At least, not outside the gate, but still need to show passport or whatever, it's strict. 

And then, we started our zero direction walk walk, after had our lunch in City Bugis *fuzzy*

(P/S: I almost forget what is the place name ald *tongue*)

(Please P/S: we went SG without a search, tour guide and only based on hand-phone Dan's GPS to drive through.)

Next, I exactly forget this place, I can't think of it. The only thing I could remember was the mall still under manufacture. Not yet ready. But, I found very interesting food place inside the less than half done shopping mall. (see the picutre below)

And we had this KOI cafe in Singapore: The bubble tea craze, nearby the mall. Just like the Chatime & Orchado in Malaysia, but, the pearl of KOI cafe is way too good to eat!!!! Better than Chatime and Orchado.

We had Merlion Park when turned dark. Nothing much, we walked a big round from the Merlion Park to Marina Bay and back to Merlion Park(car park) again. 

Marina Bay Sands Sky Park

Reached Marina Bay, Aw!!! I like this place, seriously!

It's very great experienced here, because of the display seen from outside Marina Bay.
It told a story via pictures onto water spray and laser lights, bubbles and etc. 
8pm to 9.30pm nightly, and I remember one more until 11pm something like that. 
Yet, not necessary must watch the shows at night, I heard the evening laser shows was excellent, too.
Click here - The Lights Water Shows, Marina Bay, SG.

 I felt so so romantic!!!

with LOVE

I don't know what is this meant.

 I took this  picture from 7-11 in SG. Why they can sell so awesome food, but we can't? Imagine 7-11 in Malaysia. *sigh*

Next day, April, 15. 
Not my birthday cake *giggle*
I sneakily took ones *wink*

No doubt, we had to visit Science Centre. Because of those books. 

And then, had a walk in JCube Mall.

Lunch Time!!

In front of us was exactly the ice skating field. So, those ppl kept looked up at us when we ertr eating, it's quite awkward.

Nice food :)
Rate: 3.5/5

Before back home!!!

 A small lil surprise from my love, I LOVE, LOVE you!!!
He surprised with the cake. It's okay with no cake this year since JPO has no cake house, but, he still got a cake for me!!! Baskin Robin cake was shown up when I waiting for him.

His pretty and smart sis!

My present ;)

A lil thing that I brought for myself in SG.
20SGD!!!!!!!! expensive.
But I like it. hehehehe.