Friday, April 9, 2010


hmmm~ As Alicia said, it is better change new computer. Well, i really plan to do it!!! You know why? Because my computer get Virus again =x haha~ Will be less online now.
Well, i am preferred Desktop the most, Same as my DearDear =)
However, i will stealthy using my bro computer to upload my blog, if anything feel like really want to share with you, you and you. ;)

Hope you all will continue visit my blog. Thanks a lot.. For those who are feel free nowadays, wish you enjoy your life. For those feel troublesome or suffer in this recent day, take a deep breath and tell yourself, everything will be fine and past. For those who are having your exam, try your best, Gambateh together. ^.^


Thursday, April 8, 2010

Last Day - The moment i spend with you all

2 years Diploma, going to be end today. Hmmm~ Last day, i thought i can capture more picture. But, seem like everyone rushing their things. And, some people like don't have that mood. Maybe exam is around the corner. Everyone is rushing to take answer or else have private thing to do. Some friends are going to shift college and some are going to stop their study. I was wish to capture them in group. But i fail to do it. Feel so regret. :(

But never mind, it is ok^^ I hope have chance to see you, you and you. I wish you all can pass the exam with flying colour. And sorry if i make you feel angry or sad in any time of this 2 years.

Finally, may all your wish come true. And, Don't forget me :)

there are more & more. :)

Soon the photo will become older. Therefore, i make it retro. XD~
There is one more ppl who always be camera man. =p

Find him in this picture.
can you see him?
ok i zoom for you.

i can't see dean pei :(
there is no man. haha.

See him.

yupe, that's right.
here is him.

always not inside photo, even he is inside, wont be face front.
even if he is face front of the camera, he will make ugly face.
this is ah joh.

Funny make =p
actually, won't happen in real life. haha.

I have let them catch, cause i simply draw the photo.

pai post again. XD~

They are the people who will going to KDU or Utar.
i won't forget the time spend with you.
There is one more, where she go?

Hihi~ i am studying, hope to score. hehe~

"Must understand this!!!"
"Yes, Madam yoke yi"

Ming mou???

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

do nothing

Today is my last second day of the last week in Diploma semester 6, after come back, i feel not confortable at all~ don't feel like want to do anything, sleep, eat, online. Exam is coming soon, i am like open the notes and don't know where start from. So, give up to think it. But, i promise to myself, i sure and must pass my exam. NO RESIT in my entire life. I believe myself can do it. i must have confident. ^.^

but also, nothing to do with online, don't feel like want to read online newspaper~ Because Hui Ting had bring me a free newspaper. Sumore, nowadays all MCA news i actually not interest at all. So, what i am do is go through every link that i know for searching the online selling and purchasing products. such as shirts, contact lens, shoes, beauty care and etc. So, many stuff to buy but NO MONEY to buy :( I have funding money to go oversea. Can i be success? no confident.

So, i would like to introduce you all a link which is from my DearDear's friend - Cheyenne. "" (De Luna à Viva Fashion House)

Hot Korea Fashion

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here .

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Monday, April 5, 2010

Last Semester on Diploma

Hey, my last short sem April Examination time table has been release. hmmm~

The thing is the first paper IFA is exactly on my Birthday~
First time happen in my life, hope that day bring me luck to my paper, cause ppl say IFA paper is harded. Anyway, my wish will come true~

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Tiffany Alvord

Tiffany Alvord is only a girl like to sing and post her sang in youtube, i had been listen her sing before on yourube. Thanks for Ruixanne intro to me this nice you, as her say, i like is so much~ =p HQ at left handside~

Saturday, April 3, 2010

sp happy birthday 2

I have to mention, she appear in my blog second time ald. haha~ Today, only is her real birthday time, therefore, i would like to post that day celebration here. ^.^

The venue we were in Friday, the curve, i will like to say that, there is too many people to attend her birthday celebration, like almost seperate into 2 parts. haha~This is because shu peng have to shift her study at KDU to continue her degree. "Gambateh, do what you want to do without influent by any others ppl"

So cute man, there was many liang zai liang lui that day. All wear nicely ^.^ And amazing birthday song from Friday's stuff.

Althought, expensive, but, we spend happy time~

May all your dream come true.

couple of that day~

food time~
this is the steak we having in Friday
err~ not that good taste~
feel full >.<

my lovely dessert ^.^