Saturday, November 27, 2010

busy week

To, my blogspot and friends that who having drop by

Please allow me to shout out : Exhausted! Tired! Busy Life! Look, it's 3.46am N.O.W.
O.M.G my blog has been death-ed in a couple of weeks. But, I have no choice because of a huge coursework has been drag me crazy in this few weeks, especially this week and next week. You know wad, I had done one tutorial presentation, two assignment presentations and one assignment in this week, and again imagine I still have to submit two assignments, one test and one tutorial presentation on next week, not yet, one more presentation, one assignment and one test are waiting for me with their "evil face" in the coming week. Well, Imma not expected or maybe you guys will be understand how hard I being handle all those things. But, I never blame, as long as I feel it's a part of my study life. *smile* Sorry for being wait for me to share my stuff. 

I promise, I got a lot of things wanna to post it here and share out. But, apologize once again, it will not be happen in this few weeks.Just to mention that, I'm working on the way half of my "About Me" page.  And just, keep track.  Gonna head to bed. 

God Bless Me and You.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Think twice, decide to remove out those pictures that have 'stay' on my sidebar for, hmm, how long?   ..... (checking) .... Oh! 8 months. Just 8 months?! I was the kind of feel like my blog spot has been lived about a years. *laugh* Never mind, It's not a big deal. In fact, I enjoy every single moments on blog spot. I know, I should be post much as I can. Before do that so, wanna to note down those meaningful pictures as for me in my post since I've no others soft or hard copy.

Me and Dan on set. It's Kuala Selangor's beach. He brought me in the first year that we have been together.  *smile sweet*. He is still keeping the shell that I collected from there. Well, a big and beautiful white shell with L.O.V.E words that craved by M.E.
We just wanna H.A.P.P.Y and S.I.M.P.L.E life.
That's it.
I L.O.V.E you

Now, S1 on set. Who are they? Really wanna to list down? Nah, it's a lot, sorry, but, I won't forget all your name for sure. Trust me! either you!. There is the graduated Pulau Langkawi trip. A very very very and absolutely nice trip, fun and a memorable trip with you all. I'm not gonna forget the moment that spent with you guys in the rest of my life. I promise. I also meant to the last 2 years of high school life. The 'yc' life, argue life, birthday surprise  life and so on. Although, I have been less meet with you guys. Maybe I might be not familiar or not as close as before with you, you and you. But, you all do stay in my heart forever. ( noted : included those who not be cover in the pictures. )

We used to be a gang, call 'Sonata In'. It's definitely nice and good memory in our life.
I don't know our fate. However, I appreciate everything I had and have.

3K on set. Obviously, form 3 friends in year 2005. 15-year-old, young and full of energy. They are just amazing in my life. We used to contact now too. And same, I spend a pretty fun moment with you guys. I'll never forget you guys in my life. Either. We had made a very fool promise, guys, still remember? "We meet again after 5 years". And we just started crapping there about got wife, husband and children or pregnant.   That's us, remember? Nevertheless, we met after 5 years in i-City, just like the picture show, we are still  either single or couple , nor  married. There are 2 more friends add, ming wai and zen xing and also either one of your bf/gf. I hope our friendship can be last long forever, agree?

Diploma gang on set. Okay, come to the different stages on my life I meet different people though I'm a lucky girl. I be thankful for the god giving me such a good friends in my life. I mean college life All people I met in Diploma time is nice, caring, sharing and......just wonderful! No one is being wanna to be too attention and make some 'funny' towards other. If you be able go through that experience you will be understand what I mean. Just I be too tension and conservative about some moment. But, I should be positive. *wink*

Advanced diploma - Group 3 - My classmate on set. It's not a full group yet in picture.
S.K.A.X.........  on set.
"Hey guys, some one remind me the name please. Sorry, I have forgot."
Realize that I have been spent my time with boys and girls in the high school.
It's slightly different in my college life.
They are my buddies and their boys.

Thanks everyone who bright up my life. And, I just wanna to be so nicer with you guys. I know we can't go back to the past, indeed. Things will be changed due to environment change and so human being as well. Yet you guys are the best in my H.E.A.R.T.

stay happy