Thursday, September 22, 2011

Collecting thoughts

Outside, the air still feels cool, warm like I'm still stick with my comfy bed, and everything else that's holidays to me, but I know the truth: Holidays is long gone. Today, I got a ride to school in the early morning to attend my 8 o'clock class, can't believe the school really here, even I'm the first one who reach the lecture hall, LOL. 

First thing first, this post will be more on thoughts then sharing my life. (P/S: So, it's boring, lame, if not interested better stop a footstep here) I'll skip the step of sharing to different platforms. As I actually thinking to password protected this post, but why I still wanna to hide, since I become myself all the time. I barely share my thoughts somehow I don't feel people will understand what I have been experienced. Because I'm kind of weak in socialistic, hmm~ my communication weakness is one of the strong prove.

Except my family, my loved, my high school's sisters (maybe bros) that used to help me, encourage, support, teach, take care and stay with me no matter how busy they're which they all understand me well my both good or bad part like real sisters and lead me to more optimistic, I do super-duper appreciate yet I'm glad to have them along for accompany in my life. 
A friend in need is a friend indeed

I've no better way to show my thankful, I wish all of'them to be happy and grab the most happiness that ever can because they deserve to. Yea, I do always wish I've a real eldest sister can take care of me. Well, I don't, but have all the cousin sisters that are blood connected, whether at my mum side or dad side, they take care of me and so do am I. Just that, they live so far away from me, Penang, Subang.... Arg! 

Well, I appreciated what I have, its more than enough. Not wish to spoil the relationship, no any evil thinking in between us. They all deserve The Best

You might be curious why suddenly become the way so sensibility, ha, because Mr.Wong is right about one thing today. He say: Karen, are you kind of person that always can't get a satisfaction. Ya, I admit. I have many requirements, expectations.... Because I'm attachment, I'm stubborn, I'm persistent, preserving.... 我很执著。haha~  Of course, it has the good and bad as well, that's me, Imma not shame on it. C'mon, A leopard can not change his spots. I will be improved myself from any mistake, so, do tell, but don't ever come and change me.

Back to topic, since I'm weak in socialistic, you know, Life is so much jolly when you can just become yourself. I'm still not ready to face the freaking creepy sociable things, bla bla bla~ (Person who know me will understand what I mean.) In school life, I just want to be myself, so, I rather to be silent for a moment to avoid any awkward that will ever hurt me again than freaking fake myself out, strong self-protected mindset, huh? Yea! Well ya, I'm straight which might be directly offend somebody, but judge me in front then. At least, once I decided then definitely take the action. Just, don't piss me off first, *Laugh*. The End. 

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Last sem break summaries

School starts in exactly one day, Whoops, actually is 15 hours and I want to know one thing: Isn't there some way to make sure that, in this last~~~ semester, things can just stay the way they've always been?

Perhaps I might not be attend lecture later. Arg! Just stop be a fortune teller here, zero opinion right now. 

Time flies. Can't believe 3 weeks' holidays were just be gone like this. Luckily for me with still can enjoy extra 2 days holiday in week. So, I'm gonna briefly "sketch" up about what I have been done in this 3 weeks here. Well, I do/did fully enjoy my holidays no matter what I have had been done, and so do especially in this last sem break as well. Ya right, it's consider my last sem break. 

Drama-ing... Gaming...Novel-ing... are always my first choice. Ha, so~ I have nothing much to talk about it. Time pass easily when you have those entertainments. Lay down on the comfortable bed lazying and stick with Lappy or books, wow, kind of enjoyment.

By the way, A big thanks to you, pretty girl, Alicia for lending me those usable books. And Sorry for keeping it in such a long time, ha! I'm not do it in purposely but always forgot, you know, Imma forgetful. Actually  I'm a bit unwilling to return it back to you, hahaha! Just kidding. Such great books that occupied most of my time. 

Hmm~ what else, hang-out for movie, celebration, gathering with old school mates and bla bla bla~ Yea, I did. 

Pretty girl with a long leg, YoYo @Loud Speaker and @Delicious on 30 August
Happy Happy Happy 21st Birthday, Again. Seriously, I glad to know you, ha. 
Maybe I silent or weirder sometimes, as I barely talk deep with you guys, but and I do really appreciate the friendship, though. Wish you really enjoy that day then.  

Enjoying the big chocolates, well, it will takes months to finish it. I only LOVE the toblerone. 

*Scoffs* This! Took for fun. O'bon pencils that made by newspaper with wildlife design that I used in the period of examination. Captured just want to mark the different design of animals skin, well, you know, there're pencils, once finish its finish. ya!

Oh, great, enjoy the HZT (好吃得) steamboat BBQ @Kepong, with Alex and Yenn.
Thanks you guys, very very very very much!!
Environment is clean and so those foods as well. foods are taste salty yet still can accepted, but I'm satisfy with the environment and the services on there. 
So, overall is still okay!

Oh~ poor me! Also poor the only electronic dictionary that I ever have, I'm gonna say TaTa to it. 
Because it's broken, AGAIN. I used to repair it when I'm still studied in Diploma, so, I rarely use it in order to take care of it. Yet, cost me hundreds to repair but not at this time. It's the matter of ribbon that FAIL to respond on screen when pressed any button which same as last time, so save it. I'm done. 

Recently, I have no idea what the hell is going on, bad luck is like love me. *Roll Eyes* Monitor, cell phone and electronic dictionary are broken one by one accordingly. Big Sign that I ever can say. But, I might not believe in fate sometimes, as I believe I'm the one who to control it, isn't?

Well, that's all, peeps.

Monday, September 19, 2011


Big sign, feel so damn depressed. Would your mood easily to be spoiled by some kind of fig in daily life, wouldn't you? Well, I would. Stupid, it still function well in today early morning, 4am!!! It is malfunction in not a very right ways after wake up.  Not the way of suddenly blackout, but, can't even switch on.

what is that? this 
extra monitor which is not mine. 

*Deep breath* Just save any questions and advises or lectures in trying to fix the problem kay, I did tried every basic things I can. SO~ feeling helpless~

I wish to born smart in able to fix the machine, can I? Oh, freak! 

Saturday, September 17, 2011


17 September 2011
"You must be very curious why I keep change my template, huh? no why, no~ I mean yea, because the downloaded template can't add or adjust the gadget on sidebar. Its might because I directly editing the HTML and it does affect the way of some features work, so that's why, I force to change my template again. 

Don't you think the current template look a lil bit confuse? But I felt that way. Whatever, I might be change   back the previous wan again or plan to create a new wan, I think. 

Oh hell, I stuck again, a lot to write, but.......Arg..."

18 September 2011
I did blog yesterday actually, as changed my whole template and so do I written down the above post. But, I just change it all right back into this current wan, because what I feel is like "DON'T LIKE". This is the main point, man.

Whatever, still looking for the one that really really suit for me and reach all my requirement though. sometimes, I blog is because I love to write and want to write, hey, bear in mind, is sometimes, okay, Gotta go.

Will come back another post later on, on and on. 

Friday, September 9, 2011

Helper - Selling Computer Accessories Part 2

ASUS External Slim DVD-RW SDRW-08D1S-U
Price: RM150 w/ 1 year warranty
Original Price: RM199

LEXMA USB 2.0 HUB (x4 ports)
Price: RM20
Original Price: RM29

Bluetooth USB Dongle (version 2.0 compliant)
Price: RM10
Original Price: RM15

AVF HM150 headset
Price: RM30

Toshiba Pala-chan Mouse Series (USB)

Family Set (as diagram shown)
Price: RM60 w/free gift
Original Price: RM99

Price: RM25 each
Original Price: RM49 each

Targus USB Mouse (w/ wire)
Price: RM15

AVF Optical USB Mouse
Price: RM10

SLiq PenDrive 8GB
Price: RM20

ENVO PenDrive 8GB
Price: RM40

Price: RM50
Original Price: RM60

Toshiba Laptop Bag
Price: RM50

TNTHED Laptop Bag
Price: RM30

Price: RM30

Asus Laptop Bag
Price: RM80

Asus Laptop Bag
Price: RM30

Helper - Selling Computer Accessories Part 1

Okay, I got no idea how to start this post. Because kind of doing business but I actually is very happy get a USB hub in a easier way and immediately when I want it. And its cheaper than bought at outside, too. (Based on what my bro told me)

My eldest brother is a Product Manager of ASUS work in Low Yat. So~~~ I think no need to explain it more already, right?

The story is like this, actually there's a box contains all the random computer accessories, like pen drive, mouse, Bluetooth and etc. My eldest bro is actually meant to sell it, but he just lazy to do the part time extra things. 

So, I as a sister is kind enough to help him out, i mean help him to sell through online. *giggle* Since, Imma college student and did heard out most of my friends grumble there's need of pen drive, mouse and bla bla bla~~~ in very frequently, due to lost it or any other reasons. 

Then, that's the story, but the stocks are very limited, if you wanna a cheaper (based on my bro said) price's product I might still able to help you out but if you have personal preference, Then, I'm out. *tongue*

I don't know whether can success to sell out or not, but better than do nothing, and all those this accessories occuping a big place in my house.

Okay, done my grandma and grandpa story. Start the WORK. 
Yo!!! I like to Move It Move It Move It

Ohya, Never forget to thanks this cute girl, thanks your awesome DSLR!!!
As I never expect y'girls willing to lend me DSLR by yourself, a normal digital camera is enough already as what I thought at first. Hey, girl, I got one question, quite heavy eh~ you really Bravo!!! Still can carry here and there.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Grandma 85th Birthday [大寿]

Never stop celebrate grandma (on my dad side) birthday and so do this year too. I found that its so much confuse of my labels as when I wanna find out where previous celebrating post is, well I fail to do so. I think there's need for some adjustment, but not now. 

7th September 2011 my grandma turns 85 years old. The only aged left in my huge families. Aiks~ the term of 'old' has been used by many young people, as you can see normal wishes for young people as a joke. "21st years old, old already lo~~", "又老一岁啦~". Com'on, my grandma is officially old, hahaha~

Memories moment, here we go. (Not so many pictures had taken down this year)

Other than the fish got taste fishy there is good and nice~ especially the 寿面,
not only those food, still got others. 

My niece

Kenny Kent and Xin Rui

I only take down 1 table as total have 2 and as usual the big room has karaoke as well.

Happy Family

Daddy and Daughter

Cake and 寿包

Suddenly feel I'm so short =p
I love the scenery seriously!!

My adorable Niece.
She is kind of trouble baby because she 认人,认地方~
As she dunno you and you hug her, she will crying~

 My Dear sisters~

Yea, He was invited as my aunt ask.
Hmm~ Thanks the ride for my whole family and drove all the way long to the destination.

大同皇府酒家. 3-2 Jaya Square, Jalan SS17/2. Subang Jaya, Selangor 47500.

Where the place that I used to Sing Karaoke - Neway with my cousin sisters. There is a building, 大同皇府酒家 at 3rd floor, is a very spectacular building and easy to find. 

Thanks for my youngest aunt and uncle and the whole family. I appreciate it, really. 

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

~Facial Time + Brunch @Vivo~

Just got back from facial - Figureline @Time Square. Wow, it's almost a year never do facial. So, its PAIN >.< as I have super "stubborn" blackheads. It means hard to clean it out. 

Actually I bought a student package since December 2009, RM300 for 5 times. Guess its worth. Because the offer ONLY held a period, and I actually enjoying the cost hundreds oxy mask treatment + eye scrub, add up almost RM200 per time. But, its almost end of 2011 kay and still have 1 more time. The offer held a period but the treatment is unlimited.

Oh, clean face I love it. (No Edit Picture) But low quality phone camera can't capture those red effect after facial. Bla~

Bought their product for my "stubborn" Blackheads

Having my brunch @Vivo American Pizza & Panini while waiting for my mum, where I used to introduce in my blog post, The volcanic chocolate with ice-cream is available in Time Square now, let's go and grab it. 

Well, I actually din't plan to have my brunch at Vivo, but there's flyer girl give me a promotion paper, check it out Yo! hurry, limited period only. 

With only RM9.90, plus FREE a mushroom soup and soft drink, why not have a try since I have no way to go. I ordered a Chicken Strip Panini (Nice!) because ulcer in my mouth is killing me, and nothing much there, the environment is good, services is satisfy, has comfy seats, so spending my reading time there till got home.
That's all peeps. 


Sunday, September 4, 2011

Bookfest @ Malaysia 2011

Am so so so so so HaPpy today, feeling like wanna scream out loud as much as I can, but, of course I can't. If not, my mum will think I went something wrong. *laugh*

So, I shopping today, and I feel very excitement and satisfaction for what I get. Thanks myself and mum for accompany. 

I'm actually planed to go with my college friends but since xixi's aunt get sick and she have to go Singapore plus everyone like so enjoying their holidays, so there is cancellation for the earlier plan. But. it's okay, I'm still very happy. *Scoffs* Girls, shopping - something is really a good medicine for healing bad mood

*giggle* Don't get me wrong kay, I'm not shop for ladies stuffs but Booksss. Oh well, everyone know there is Bookfest @ Malaysia 2011 Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC), from 27 August 2011 till 04 September 2011, right. Nevertheless, today is last day but, there is more and more discount rewards. Oh, great. 

I twice visited bookfest (2004 & 2011), and it's kind of a must to buy investment book for myself. Those are the books I been bought. Not many but within my budget. I only need to spend a round off RM89 instead of RM192.95 to enjoy'em. Wow, I'm happy, It's more than enough for me to read'em. Well, I have no idea, why, by getting cheaper books I feel like happier than get cheaper lady's cloths, cosmetics, shoes, branded bag or stuffs...... hmm, For this moment I like this though. 

P/S: the target of next time is those photography books (^.^)

I need to say a very big thanks for Bee Jin let me know earlier. So that I won't miss the chances again. I love to shop books, seriously. But, not everyday every time like that. Anyway, thank you!! 

We stop by Starbucks and enjoying our tea time with my Vanilla Cream Chocolate Chips, Hot Cappuccino for my mum and Banana Chocolate Chips Muffin. Let me mention again, I feel good. *smile*