Sunday, September 4, 2011

Wedding Dinner

I gotta attend 2 wedding dinner in this month. I feel like I have been attended for thousands wedding dinner started from my college life, cousins sisters brothers, lots, yea, I have a big families, and huge siblings until I not really recognize them. 

Yesterday, had attended my cousins sister (堂姐)'s wedding dinner, well, local Port Dickson (PD) people but having her life at UK after secondary school. She was actually get married at UK and having a dinner for a awareness. Oh yea, a powerful English speaking that so nice to hear.

Wow, had invited her friends from UK, Hong Kong, Singapore, Penang, Indian and etc, even came from different race, such as India, Malay and bla bla bla. Because bridegroom is from Singapore and actually mix from Chinese and Indian. Well, he more look like Chinese.

@The Legend Hotel, PD
The food is disappointed but the services is really super good and awesome!
The environment is beautiful, the hotel is besides the beach, have a fun race, pool/snooker, Volley Ball and etc. Quite a good place for holidays. 

This very funny, there is traditional "sit bridge" (I dunno what it call), inside sitting a waitress that serve the master table (circle), that's it!

My aunt, means my cousins sister's mother is line dance teacher like my mother. So, having a some dance performing, well I just capture down a little bit, because I have to depart earlier. So, just enjoy the funny moment. 

My aunt (right) and cousin sister's friends, he is boy!!! (left)


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