Tuesday, September 6, 2011

~Facial Time + Brunch @Vivo~

Just got back from facial - Figureline @Time Square. Wow, it's almost a year never do facial. So, its PAIN >.< as I have super "stubborn" blackheads. It means hard to clean it out. 

Actually I bought a student package since December 2009, RM300 for 5 times. Guess its worth. Because the offer ONLY held a period, and I actually enjoying the cost hundreds oxy mask treatment + eye scrub, add up almost RM200 per time. But, its almost end of 2011 kay and still have 1 more time. The offer held a period but the treatment is unlimited.

Oh, clean face I love it. (No Edit Picture) But low quality phone camera can't capture those red effect after facial. Bla~

Bought their product for my "stubborn" Blackheads

Having my brunch @Vivo American Pizza & Panini while waiting for my mum, where I used to introduce in my blog post, The volcanic chocolate with ice-cream is available in Time Square now, let's go and grab it. 

Well, I actually din't plan to have my brunch at Vivo, but there's flyer girl give me a promotion paper, check it out http://vivopizza.com/promotions.php. Yo! hurry, limited period only. 

With only RM9.90, plus FREE a mushroom soup and soft drink, why not have a try since I have no way to go. I ordered a Chicken Strip Panini (Nice!) because ulcer in my mouth is killing me, and nothing much there, the environment is good, services is satisfy, has comfy seats, so spending my reading time there till got home.
That's all peeps. 



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