Thursday, September 8, 2011

Grandma 85th Birthday [大寿]

Never stop celebrate grandma (on my dad side) birthday and so do this year too. I found that its so much confuse of my labels as when I wanna find out where previous celebrating post is, well I fail to do so. I think there's need for some adjustment, but not now. 

7th September 2011 my grandma turns 85 years old. The only aged left in my huge families. Aiks~ the term of 'old' has been used by many young people, as you can see normal wishes for young people as a joke. "21st years old, old already lo~~", "又老一岁啦~". Com'on, my grandma is officially old, hahaha~

Memories moment, here we go. (Not so many pictures had taken down this year)

Other than the fish got taste fishy there is good and nice~ especially the 寿面,
not only those food, still got others. 

My niece

Kenny Kent and Xin Rui

I only take down 1 table as total have 2 and as usual the big room has karaoke as well.

Happy Family

Daddy and Daughter

Cake and 寿包

Suddenly feel I'm so short =p
I love the scenery seriously!!

My adorable Niece.
She is kind of trouble baby because she 认人,认地方~
As she dunno you and you hug her, she will crying~

 My Dear sisters~

Yea, He was invited as my aunt ask.
Hmm~ Thanks the ride for my whole family and drove all the way long to the destination.

大同皇府酒家. 3-2 Jaya Square, Jalan SS17/2. Subang Jaya, Selangor 47500.

Where the place that I used to Sing Karaoke - Neway with my cousin sisters. There is a building, 大同皇府酒家 at 3rd floor, is a very spectacular building and easy to find. 

Thanks for my youngest aunt and uncle and the whole family. I appreciate it, really. 


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