Saturday, September 17, 2011


17 September 2011
"You must be very curious why I keep change my template, huh? no why, no~ I mean yea, because the downloaded template can't add or adjust the gadget on sidebar. Its might because I directly editing the HTML and it does affect the way of some features work, so that's why, I force to change my template again. 

Don't you think the current template look a lil bit confuse? But I felt that way. Whatever, I might be change   back the previous wan again or plan to create a new wan, I think. 

Oh hell, I stuck again, a lot to write, but.......Arg..."

18 September 2011
I did blog yesterday actually, as changed my whole template and so do I written down the above post. But, I just change it all right back into this current wan, because what I feel is like "DON'T LIKE". This is the main point, man.

Whatever, still looking for the one that really really suit for me and reach all my requirement though. sometimes, I blog is because I love to write and want to write, hey, bear in mind, is sometimes, okay, Gotta go.

Will come back another post later on, on and on. 


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