Thursday, September 22, 2011

Collecting thoughts

Outside, the air still feels cool, warm like I'm still stick with my comfy bed, and everything else that's holidays to me, but I know the truth: Holidays is long gone. Today, I got a ride to school in the early morning to attend my 8 o'clock class, can't believe the school really here, even I'm the first one who reach the lecture hall, LOL. 

First thing first, this post will be more on thoughts then sharing my life. (P/S: So, it's boring, lame, if not interested better stop a footstep here) I'll skip the step of sharing to different platforms. As I actually thinking to password protected this post, but why I still wanna to hide, since I become myself all the time. I barely share my thoughts somehow I don't feel people will understand what I have been experienced. Because I'm kind of weak in socialistic, hmm~ my communication weakness is one of the strong prove.

Except my family, my loved, my high school's sisters (maybe bros) that used to help me, encourage, support, teach, take care and stay with me no matter how busy they're which they all understand me well my both good or bad part like real sisters and lead me to more optimistic, I do super-duper appreciate yet I'm glad to have them along for accompany in my life. 
A friend in need is a friend indeed

I've no better way to show my thankful, I wish all of'them to be happy and grab the most happiness that ever can because they deserve to. Yea, I do always wish I've a real eldest sister can take care of me. Well, I don't, but have all the cousin sisters that are blood connected, whether at my mum side or dad side, they take care of me and so do am I. Just that, they live so far away from me, Penang, Subang.... Arg! 

Well, I appreciated what I have, its more than enough. Not wish to spoil the relationship, no any evil thinking in between us. They all deserve The Best

You might be curious why suddenly become the way so sensibility, ha, because Mr.Wong is right about one thing today. He say: Karen, are you kind of person that always can't get a satisfaction. Ya, I admit. I have many requirements, expectations.... Because I'm attachment, I'm stubborn, I'm persistent, preserving.... 我很执著。haha~  Of course, it has the good and bad as well, that's me, Imma not shame on it. C'mon, A leopard can not change his spots. I will be improved myself from any mistake, so, do tell, but don't ever come and change me.

Back to topic, since I'm weak in socialistic, you know, Life is so much jolly when you can just become yourself. I'm still not ready to face the freaking creepy sociable things, bla bla bla~ (Person who know me will understand what I mean.) In school life, I just want to be myself, so, I rather to be silent for a moment to avoid any awkward that will ever hurt me again than freaking fake myself out, strong self-protected mindset, huh? Yea! Well ya, I'm straight which might be directly offend somebody, but judge me in front then. At least, once I decided then definitely take the action. Just, don't piss me off first, *Laugh*. The End. 


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