Friday, September 9, 2011

Helper - Selling Computer Accessories Part 1

Okay, I got no idea how to start this post. Because kind of doing business but I actually is very happy get a USB hub in a easier way and immediately when I want it. And its cheaper than bought at outside, too. (Based on what my bro told me)

My eldest brother is a Product Manager of ASUS work in Low Yat. So~~~ I think no need to explain it more already, right?

The story is like this, actually there's a box contains all the random computer accessories, like pen drive, mouse, Bluetooth and etc. My eldest bro is actually meant to sell it, but he just lazy to do the part time extra things. 

So, I as a sister is kind enough to help him out, i mean help him to sell through online. *giggle* Since, Imma college student and did heard out most of my friends grumble there's need of pen drive, mouse and bla bla bla~~~ in very frequently, due to lost it or any other reasons. 

Then, that's the story, but the stocks are very limited, if you wanna a cheaper (based on my bro said) price's product I might still able to help you out but if you have personal preference, Then, I'm out. *tongue*

I don't know whether can success to sell out or not, but better than do nothing, and all those this accessories occuping a big place in my house.

Okay, done my grandma and grandpa story. Start the WORK. 
Yo!!! I like to Move It Move It Move It

Ohya, Never forget to thanks this cute girl, thanks your awesome DSLR!!!
As I never expect y'girls willing to lend me DSLR by yourself, a normal digital camera is enough already as what I thought at first. Hey, girl, I got one question, quite heavy eh~ you really Bravo!!! Still can carry here and there.



    Kah Yee

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