Sunday, October 31, 2010


I will be stop posting for a moment for maybe one week or two week. Why? So obviously right. Imma trying to change my blog template. Oh gosh. forgot to print down my old layout *sad* 
What you can see is there is only just change the background. There is a lot more to change it. Hang on! R.O.C.K! You are welcoming to post any comment here. Happy go lucky to you all!

Friday, October 29, 2010


(After post PS: posting while not in the mood, full of words, seem like I has stress out myself for nothing)
Facing Laptop with full of messy notes beside me
without any purpose
Aiks Aiks, really don't know what am I doing *screaming* find myself didn't go through what I desire for or plan for today as well as this whole week. *Sad* I haven't finish done yet a Financial Economics report - one of my main subject for this semester, well, next week gonna safeAssign - it's mean gonna check or maybe call it scan for the plagiarism of the report that we have done. I gonna summarize the 30 pages of the article which title is "Can Central Bank transparency go too far?" Hey, it's not an assignment though we are required to do a 'Report' as our assignment, hur?! Oh yeah, never forget Ruixannne is my buddy. *laughing* Come on babe, feel like wanna to go "老地方" again. So, what am I doing now? watching Hong Kong drama '义海豪情' , It's an amazing drama. Awesome. That's it. *smile* (not gonna to explain more) Oh gosh, I have such many things to do till I have confuse don't know where should I start and then end up watching drama here. *bad me*

Yeah right, I know I suppose to post my big bro wedding day story. But, Not Now and Not Today or Tommorro or even the coming day or week as well. Sorry about that. Postpone, but I promise! (Do you all really interest about it? - lame for asking the stupid question I'll post it in a good mood) No mood. Moody now. *sad* very lazy to do that report although I had red through the article but due to I had leave it for few days. I'm just blank when I open it up again. Damn it. I just close it back and telling myself forget bout it and let it be done tomorrow. But, as you know, there is how many tomorrow? until I have been lazy to look at it and lose my way. Urg, Hate it, man!
Let's Shout Out : Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today. I learned my lesson, not gonna to W.A.I.T once I get to know what is it and I will just keep it going on.

One more thing, my sweetheart, dan~ was off to China - 武汉 yesterday. Miss him. *sad x2 sob x2* fully need him now. *sigh* Waiting you to come back and bring me go Jogoya and somewhere else. *pig face* ( having energy suddenly)
*screaming again* Next Monday gonna face a mid-term test - Business Finance. I haven't touch it at all too! 
L.A.Z.Y Everything off now!

Business Finance notes + ugly face
Just wanna to make myself happy and relax
and so for you too
wish everyone Good Luck.

Tan Yenn Rou as well.

Friday, October 22, 2010

◑ω◐ Happy Shopping

Feeling like wanna to change my blog layout for a such long time, um, I mean changing the template and do the arrangement over again. But, it's gonna be remove those pictures at the right sidebar, might be. That's why this is the reason make me remain untouched of my blog. Anything, just forget about it. It's gonna be done by someday else.

It's taken when such a boring lecture today, though,
I'm a  spec girl

Okay,um~ Now, let's shout out : I'm freaking busy and tired. um, You know, being a student it's okay bout busying on heavy assignments, presentations or homework and even study. But, really need to leave out extra space for shopping over the cloths and other accessories for attending my eldest bro wedding day. It's kinda breathlessness. Ya, right, I'm not a multitask-er. I'm totally just don't know what's going on my subject syllabus talking about B.E.C.A.U.S.E most of the time took it to S.H.O.P.P.I.N.G, hur! Haha, I'm not in any meaning to show off. As you know, it's really tired, but had F.U.N.

Talking about shopping, just gone to AU2 Jusco today and Mid Valley Yesterday. Bought my beloved stuffs and my sweetheart, dan's nice formal wears too. Let's see.
My High heel shoes❤
(just feel okay only for this)
I actually seeking for very personal feeling towards the shoes.
It's really hard to get the super lovely shoes for me.

Currently has still not yet found a true love of shoes. Oh, found last year at VINCCI. But, no more stock.So, instead of speaking find actually is not yet G.O.T. or O.W.N.

Wow, It's Alicia Toh favored. I just like it.  ┌( ಠ_ಠ)┘I also have no idea, just like it and then bought it. *=P*
my dinner dress
Don't really look good by just hanging it on my cupboard. Gonna wear it tomorrow night. 

Enough for sharing, I think. *laugh* Gonna head to salon for tie my hair and make up. Okay, I'm noob in doing all those things. I'm not girl. *wink*

My sweetheart. ♥   dan~
Just cut off his messy hair just now at 9pm

And so me as well.
No more longer hair. Okay It's a lil bit short compare to previous.
But, it's all healthy hair

Friends, if you feel like wanna to drop by or eat, you're welcome to come over my house in having a bunch on Saturday morning. Up to you *smile* All tables is set up. This is really shock me once I get back home as I don't know that it's done today. *laugh* See ya.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

super headache - yesterday

First thing first, I'd like to feel a special of 'Blogger in Draft' (introduce by Ezra - a website genius). Okay, allow me to mention you like that. And now, have a look of his blog, *cough* , SEE, Domain, hur?! Ya, that's it! He is rich enough. *laughing* But, show his seriousness.

*Breathing* It's kinda busy for this week, you know. My eldest brother get marry. Oh Gosh, haven't done yet for shop my high heel shoes, my boyfriend's formal wear (He have to match up with my wedding dinner dress - pink purple color) and one more, I haven't cut my hair yet, hmm.. for just look orderly. *wink* 

I was going to bed super early last night due to my super Head-ACHE! I have no idea why it's gonna be like that. I had just gone to bed at 8pm yesterday. Nevertheless, to be a early bird now *laugh* remember:the early bird gets the worm. But, I super pray everything to be fine after this. *praying* Come on, a healthy life and healthy body for me. *sad*

Well well, unsurprisingly, I had my hair dyed and permed. So, have a look of latest me. *lame*
*=P* look my messy hair
before perm
Yupe, I had dyed my hair first
The colour of my hair is chiffon beige which is orange cafe based, well, I like the colour.

*=)* look my straight hair
After perm
Okay, I washed my hair at the very first day
I didn't wait for 3 days, as long as I just wanna nice nature hair.
The thing is, the hair colour become lighter after permed. Well, I prefer darker.

Next, as I mention gonna head to cut it. That's it. Before I end, gonna comment on this 'Blogger on Draft', what i can say, is just amazing, advance function! for example, upload multiple site(pictures) at once, dictionary, translate, easy and convenience to be used. Wow! I like it! Rock on!

Sunday, October 10, 2010


It's a unique day, i think everyone know it - 1oth Oct 2010, in short 101010. You'll be only faced it again on the next 100 decades. (Aren't you think you are lucky?) So, people take this day as a good day with send a lot of blessing message to their friends and family. Here I go wish everyone dream come true in this little unique day.

I have been left my blog for 2 weeks *>.<* It means I have starting my 2nd semester for 2 weeks. Whoa, time and tide wait for no man. Writing blog is actually one of the task in my life. I tell myself to post it at least once a week, but, naaah~ a thousand of excuse make me fail to do it. Well, I'm not gonna to list it out. *=p*

Okay, I had gone for work with my last 3 holidays. It's really a nice work days with the 2 awesome friends. *Happy* Especially, my dear, Crystal. Thanks for the transport and also both of your help. I appreciate it. I work as Nivea promoter.

With this 2 pretty girls. Hello, you all gonna be woman *laughing* The funny thing was we kept complaining about the awful white trouser that provided by Nivea. Don't you think It's just ugly? *sweat*
It's an event launched from Watson to promote its' new Watson membership card. So, if you are Watson-holic only worth to get the membership card although it only cost RM12 per card for life time. But, those points you earn can only valid in between 2 years. I feel gonna think twice before get it or unless you are rich.

This is what the products we were promoted - deodorant (I never use) and skin care for man. I had bought one for my dear dan~ *=)* Since got 15% discount and purchased above RM15 got a lucky deep. So, why not i get one. A usable tips learn from the work, if you guys - for man who are oily face is suitable for foam wash and dry as deep clean. *O.0* Humph, end for my 1st sem holidays story.

Coming up next to speak for my first 2 weeks (2nd semester) college life. It's a Eugene Lee Hui Ting [B]day on 30th September on set. For sure, a celebration was gone through.

The venue at Korean BBQ, I will be there again. To introduce the foods.
Hang on!


Never miss the group photo. Hah! finally, Alicia's bf was in.
Must be remember, Karen here, a group photo must be there. *LMAO*

Oh, I have no idea why I tie my hair like that. Feel I'm ugly. *=(*

What next again? badminton. I desire carry on every Saturday, yeah, i fully hope so.

They were competing. (picture speak)
Vshan : "Why they are playing that harder?"
sp Khoo : "a lil red, gambateh!"

Herm! Just for fun.