Friday, October 22, 2010

◑ω◐ Happy Shopping

Feeling like wanna to change my blog layout for a such long time, um, I mean changing the template and do the arrangement over again. But, it's gonna be remove those pictures at the right sidebar, might be. That's why this is the reason make me remain untouched of my blog. Anything, just forget about it. It's gonna be done by someday else.

It's taken when such a boring lecture today, though,
I'm a  spec girl

Okay,um~ Now, let's shout out : I'm freaking busy and tired. um, You know, being a student it's okay bout busying on heavy assignments, presentations or homework and even study. But, really need to leave out extra space for shopping over the cloths and other accessories for attending my eldest bro wedding day. It's kinda breathlessness. Ya, right, I'm not a multitask-er. I'm totally just don't know what's going on my subject syllabus talking about B.E.C.A.U.S.E most of the time took it to S.H.O.P.P.I.N.G, hur! Haha, I'm not in any meaning to show off. As you know, it's really tired, but had F.U.N.

Talking about shopping, just gone to AU2 Jusco today and Mid Valley Yesterday. Bought my beloved stuffs and my sweetheart, dan's nice formal wears too. Let's see.
My High heel shoes❤
(just feel okay only for this)
I actually seeking for very personal feeling towards the shoes.
It's really hard to get the super lovely shoes for me.

Currently has still not yet found a true love of shoes. Oh, found last year at VINCCI. But, no more stock.So, instead of speaking find actually is not yet G.O.T. or O.W.N.

Wow, It's Alicia Toh favored. I just like it.  ┌( ಠ_ಠ)┘I also have no idea, just like it and then bought it. *=P*
my dinner dress
Don't really look good by just hanging it on my cupboard. Gonna wear it tomorrow night. 

Enough for sharing, I think. *laugh* Gonna head to salon for tie my hair and make up. Okay, I'm noob in doing all those things. I'm not girl. *wink*

My sweetheart. ♥   dan~
Just cut off his messy hair just now at 9pm

And so me as well.
No more longer hair. Okay It's a lil bit short compare to previous.
But, it's all healthy hair

Friends, if you feel like wanna to drop by or eat, you're welcome to come over my house in having a bunch on Saturday morning. Up to you *smile* All tables is set up. This is really shock me once I get back home as I don't know that it's done today. *laugh* See ya.


  1. Haha! LOL, mentioned about me =) Yep, so jealous to see you enjoy your shopping day! ^^ Nice cut wa!!

  2. You can have it. Shopping till you can't recognize yourself. Let's save RM10 for every week. You can have enjoy when mega sales.