Tuesday, October 19, 2010

super headache - yesterday

First thing first, I'd like to feel a special of 'Blogger in Draft' (introduce by Ezra - a website genius). Okay, allow me to mention you like that. And now, have a look of his blog, *cough* http://www.ezrasang.com/ , SEE, Domain, hur?! Ya, that's it! He is rich enough. *laughing* But, show his seriousness.

*Breathing* It's kinda busy for this week, you know. My eldest brother get marry. Oh Gosh, haven't done yet for shop my high heel shoes, my boyfriend's formal wear (He have to match up with my wedding dinner dress - pink purple color) and one more, I haven't cut my hair yet, hmm.. for just look orderly. *wink* 

I was going to bed super early last night due to my super Head-ACHE! I have no idea why it's gonna be like that. I had just gone to bed at 8pm yesterday. Nevertheless, to be a early bird now *laugh* remember:the early bird gets the worm. But, I super pray everything to be fine after this. *praying* Come on, a healthy life and healthy body for me. *sad*

Well well, unsurprisingly, I had my hair dyed and permed. So, have a look of latest me. *lame*
*=P* look my messy hair
before perm
Yupe, I had dyed my hair first
The colour of my hair is chiffon beige which is orange cafe based, well, I like the colour.

*=)* look my straight hair
After perm
Okay, I washed my hair at the very first day
I didn't wait for 3 days, as long as I just wanna nice nature hair.
The thing is, the hair colour become lighter after permed. Well, I prefer darker.

Next, as I mention gonna head to cut it. That's it. Before I end, gonna comment on this 'Blogger on Draft', what i can say, is just amazing, advance function! for example, upload multiple site(pictures) at once, dictionary, translate, easy and convenience to be used. Wow! I like it! Rock on!


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