Friday, July 29, 2011

Say Bye to my previous own made template \('',)

Ladies & gentlemen, I change my blog template, YET, T.E.M.P.O.R.A.R.Y only (*^_^*), just so, the planning of yelling through "Yosh, I Change New Template =)" had dispel. In fact, quite love my earlier ones, of course, every corner of it all made out of myself, ya right, without a doubt get help from blogspot already exist's features as I Not so formidable like those ready made download template that can be searched through website. If yes to do so, I can earn from this kind of job already. 

Speaking temporary, yup, this new template which downloaded, don't really get touch my heart (#^_^#) haha~ But, since uploaded and done every adjustment PLUS exam is coming in 2 weeks later, decided use for it 1st then. 

Hence, I plan use either one template of these from Blogger template;

Cherry Mag 


Retro Chic

With the result that lets say BYE to my previously "Appreciate the life I have as the friends and family I have".

Bye my Love Header, =p

Bye, my Meaningful Text, XD!

And Bye, My Footer \\*^o^*//

P/S: I don't really know what is going on this semester, But. I know I dun wanna to study with stressful though, Drama and Relax is what I want right now. (>﹏<)~~~~ Positively thinking sorry I can't.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Loud Speaker karaoke 大嘴叭

20th July 2011, Wednesday

On the way heading to Kota Damansara, our destination -- LOUD SPEAKER KARAOKE with 4 daffy ladies, 1. 西米露,2. 媌喵猪肠粉,  3.珍珍肉骨茶,4.小泥鳅 and they call me 红烧包 ( ⊙ o ⊙ ) Just forget it and lets enter into our conversion.

红烧包: Yosh! I finally manage to visit and come Loud Speaker, FINALLY, yuuhooo!
珍珍肉骨茶: Karen, you seem like so excited, oh!
红烧包: Of course, I waiting for so long time already, Thanks you ladies.
珍珍肉骨茶: Karen, you know wad, Loud Speaker is at up stairs, and the down stairs of it is a old tie goods store. So that, it selling all those biscuits which packed inside the old biscuit tin yard.
红烧包: (doubting) huh, really? 
媌喵猪肠粉: Yea, it's true.
西米露: (driving)
珍珍肉骨茶: It also selling all those sweets and you can come down the store to buy it when you sing half way. 
红烧包: Wow! is it? (still doubting)
媌喵猪肠粉: (noding so hard with her head) Yeah!
小泥鳅: Yea, When you go up stairs right, the world will not the same any more. 
媌喵猪肠粉: (laughing) Yaya, we can go and buy it. 
西米露: (still continue driving)
红烧包: Wow! Then I wanna have a look already! (expecting)

And then, 
We are reach, this is so call the "old tie goods store"
( E___E )
Not surprisingly, I got cheated with this 4 ladies. Which 1st time hanging out with them.
haha! hmm..

See the logo of Loud Speaker? 

V for victory~ haha!

V again~

Oops, Our shirt got grass?! It's light effect, which is consider the special feature that others K box don't have.

What happen with your nose Pin Pin?

Oh my gosh, why i feel like this picture a lil terrible?

Hehe, blur pic >.< sorry, just look at the touch screen. It's so special which I like the most =)

Well, you can just direct using hand writing to write the song you want, and it's pop up.
Okay, it's also have some yelling sound.. like clapping, cheering.. after you finish the song.

We both just having a wonderful sing with the old golden song!
Like the below picture shown 爱拼才会赢 and also One Night In Bei Jing. Now I know, I actually do know sing the One Night In Bei Jing.
Oh my gosh, I have never practice it. 

Ignore me k, just wanna to tell this girl drink more water and rest more ●ω●

Our theme shirt! Spot it?
Okay, here come to another special, we are in lift and going up to our room, Level 3. 

Just laugh! ahaha!

After that to having our lunch at Vivo, The curve!

We are actually go because of this, volcanic choc ♥, Which is intro by Pin Pin.
Only a word can describe, GREAT! \^o^/ 
Hot chocolate and cold ice cream mate, the chocolate inside will be flow out! huu~ * drooling*

hmm, acting like China ppl come down the street to take photo. Haha!

They are so "Pandai" to act pose! I like it =)

Okay, I really admire their braveness! what they do is just go into The Garden restorance to take this nice photo.

In conclusion, one more gang sing K can be as crazy as we can, just yelling and scream like nobody else. Scream and dance till someone outsider purposely stealing to watch inside our room. 

At last but not least, Loud Speaker have one more feature different with others is, it has graded function to your sing, although, ti's grade in between 92 to 100. But, we still play till very happy!! haha! Intend wanna to see how many marks we get. 

I so happy on that day, seriously!! So enjoy~ Heart^_^ 
Hope I still can have something to enjoy with you ladies. 

Details for loud speaker karaoke
36-38, Jalan PJU 5/20, Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya.

Tel: 03 6142 2223

or just go to their fb site:

Friday, July 8, 2011

Promise to share - Kelvin & Cherly Wedding on set

Date: Friday, October 22, 2010

Gonna post something very outdated but it's a super [B]day...
I mean Big day =D for my eldest bro. Okay, you will see more pictures than words. Because dunno what can I going to right. Haha! Here we go.

P/S: I dunno where those super funny pictures are going. I mean those playing before meet the bride. >.< sorry.


















Date: Friday, October 23, 2010

Next day, Dinner at Noble Hotel.
Honestly, their food is so damn nice and high quality! I swear!!
Kelvin + Cherly = Charmin.

The decoration


See his face, you will then know how nice the fish are!