Friday, July 1, 2011

get sprained, AGAIN

Oh my gosh, it's just a good luck for me. Guess what, I get injured with my toe, AGAIN

I thought this is my 2nd time to get sprained but, after talk with my sister-in-law only realized that this is my 3rd time. 

As what she said, “I feel your foot is so delicate, which last time sprained, bruised and bleed because of kicked your own door's room.” She is just right remind me about my noob-est because she is the one who saw my noob action. (>.<)

And now, come again, yea right, I still remember I did visited for doctor, at the same time, swear to myself no more next time. Oh, come on, WTF(what the fuck)?

Every times I get hurt, first thought came across my mind is nothing one lar, it will just re-cured itself in few minutes or hours. BUT, it only show how much it pain and swollen follow the timing. WTH(what the hell)?

Oh yea right, its bruised now, *sgin* WTD(what to do)?

It is not serious like last time, but it's HURT! *ouch*

I wanna use last time toe sprained picture to compare, but seem like I deleted all the pictures, whatever then~

3pm ald, trying to touch my toe but it's really so damn hurt, do I really have dare to visit doctor and it him cure it?