Thursday, September 23, 2010


I'm emo. Ha! I don't know why, Hormone secretion? Ha! might be! =p I feel like I just wasting my valuable time do the things that is nothing for me from yesterday. You know by just scrolling website that is non of my business and result in get nothing. It's just like find things to do for the time in the past, huh. I'm not gonna to let such a thing happen to me and today will be different. (feeling like self-control, haha!)

Come on man, left 3 days more I'm gonna return into college and start second semester. So, MEANING I only left year and a half to be a student. I feel like just wanna to fully utilize the student card!

And finally, 2nd semester time table is released. Oh gosh! I don't like the time arrange at all. *crying* Mon class 2 to 6pm tutorial class and lecture, Tues class from 12 to 5.30pm tutorial class and lecture. Urg! Others still okay but have class everyday. *lame* I am actually more preferred class start in the early morning like 8am or 9am. Sleep early and wake up early. "The early birds get the worms" The most important is so that no pimple in my face. LOL. And stay healthy.

Oh crap! Pimple. I keep continuance sleep late and get up late in my holiday. It's just holy crap! My face *helpless*

And also the medicine i have been eaten for recuperate probably got a lil influence i guess. End

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I feel like wanna to make this post when i saw the amazing drawing technique again and again. It's just an incredible Arts as what I can said. I think everyone know me realize i love drawing. Click here - My old post about the my drawing. What i learn before i feel it's just a small part. But, you know there are more.

So Now, lets see.
Sand drawing

When I first saw I'm just Whoa! It's grateful and creative. Really talented which including a lil sad story inside.

And then, also can draw on water.

This one is the most I like, I can't explain why. I feel the technique will be harden than others.

Can even draw with light, huh! Gorgeous.

Just Beautiful and Elegance. Charming! But, it will be disappear slowly right? I think so.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Advanced diploma first sem break

First thing first, holiday countdown - left 6 days. Well,other than hang out or meet my lovely yet watching drama and reading story books or any news have occupied all my HOLIDAY time and made my life didn't that bored. Seriously speaking I'm enjoying, as long as I'm doing the thing that i like so i feel blissful. I know i suppose to work and earn a lil portion of money. Ah! I'm laziness. Just wait for the internship next semester break is what i plan for.

I am seeking for several English Drama Series, Japanese Animation Series and one of the Hong Kong Drama Series. I actually like to watch English drama, the first English drama that i watched is Heroes(i still waiting for the next season). I have been attractive by the story in oversea, i mean the plot which is very different from Chinese, Hong Kong or Taiwan and i thousand like it.

Okay, what i gonna to post here is namely Supernatural. (Introduce by a pretty girl, Ruixanne)

The drama that i can't stop for chasing it NOW. I could be watch 1 season in one day (I tried) but i don't want to be so insane with just stick on the computer. It totally have 5 seasons, well, i stop at the half of season 4. But then, i have no idea what happen to the PPS, you know, i couldn't find this drama any more, just like disappeared, yest. Hmm, a lil bit disappointing. But, just.. whatever since i can't do anything. And actually PPS is illegal. Ahah! But, I guess as what my BF said is because the UK or US's federal policy has been pay attention for those hacker. So, it might a problem here. Whatever i will be found another way to watch it. Has!

Alright, it's about a family call Winchester, 2 brothers Sam and Dean, a hunting family. Yep, hunting 'things', i mean hunting GHOST. Season 1 talk bout the 2 brothers gonna find their dad, John Winchester who lost to find a way to kill the demon who had killed their mom, Mary. (I think so) But he had dead by making a deal with demon to save his son, Dean's life. Okay, the Yellow demon who kill their mother had killed by Dean in season 2. Opps, Sam is contain demon blood as the demon is planning for something. Dean gonna die in season 3 because he made a deal with demon to save Sam's life. huh! (just a short quick synopsis) Coming to season 4 with Angel and Demon. I only watch till half i can't continue the story T.T Probably Sam will be a demon and Dean will be Angel, well i guess. I feel have some messages gonna to bring for audiences, but i might be no change to know it. Has!

Never mind i still have others to go. I will be post it here if i got time. Haha.. Oh ya, never forget there will be a new season 6 start at September 22 this year. ^^

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Early mooncake festival

Just a quick short update. Today i went to 佛光山, a temple that I used to be volunteer, teacher, student last time. Yep, i have seldom go for it, but, as long as got any activity i still will be appeared and given some help. I have made a lot of friends there, but we are lost touch and they no longer come to the temple anymore. Maybe is the fate, but i believe we still can be met in future.

As usual a talk will be given by the master. And then, game on.

Game no.1 which guess who is the one that had ate the food with sour, sweet, bitter and spicy. Well, the other three are trying to misleading the audience by their acting.

Okay, coming to the game by guess through what the 2 people is acting. They are so ridiculous. haha!

And then, we having a lil bit performance, sign language performance. There is the short video clip.

Last with lantern. Looking for those children happy playing with those lanterns and candles are make me refresh back when i was young. The memorable childhood. So, i am thinking about if we come have a meet with celebrate moon-cake festival? S1? Since we still haven't meet. Oh yeah, someone is warning me today.

Presents for those audiences who correct guess the question. it's cute.

Friday, September 17, 2010


I just scrolled up some of the pictures. So now, let the picture speak on my blog=)

Girls shooting time. Currently stay at the Advanced Diploma Banking and Finance course. The photo was taken at Derrick Chin's house. Yep, we had a Barbecue together before the final exam but after the coursework in semester 1. All are smiling naturally and thanks the camera man, Danny^.^

Group 3 members, I'm the one of it. =) Do all members arrived? No, definitely. Almost quarter of the people were absented Hmm.. I like smile photo. (i know i had mention lots time)

We took a lot of funny and insane photos, well, i pick the most i like here. LOL. You are welcome to see more on Facebook.


Look, my Danny was buying ice cream for me. Haagen-Dazs. Oh yeah, for our 2nd Anniversary. =p

I had chosen this 2 flavours. The name is quite long for pink one, it is new flavour and limit until it finish. For me, i like it. Very nice. It tasted sweet. Another one is very common but nice and is a must to choose. Rum Raisin. ^^


Okay, I'm not very healthy that kind and very weak in a reasonable period. As above is those traditional Chinese medicines for me to recuperate. Be honest i quite lazy to eat. Has! Actually those have been leaved in the corner for almost a year but at least it haven't reach expired date then i still can have it. LOL.

Latest me!
Trying to edit photo. Hmm.. I still like natural photo with a great camera. Soon, i wanna have one good camera. Actually i like my natural hair, don't have strengthen and without dye too. But, i most like changing. New look is coming soon. I wish is what i desire.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

I love puppy

I didn't come back home and stayed at my cousin's house for one day. That is interesting for a new member, GeeGee, a cute puppy. Only 3 months imagine how cute it is.

She is cute and active. Small and adorable.

She is biting my hand. definitely not hurt at all. XD~

She is drinking. Do it look like hamster, Doesn't it?

I was played with her. <3

My nephew and gee gee. ^^

one more thing i wanna share. There are different type of ferrero roshell. Honestly i like the black one. It made by black chocolate and taste a lil bit bitter. Inside has no nut but chocolate, Has! that's why i like. Another one is white chocolate. Hmm.. i don't like that taste. =P

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Happy Birthday to grandma

We celebrated grandma birthday every year never miss as this year too, 83 years old.

Venue Subang Parad in the restaurant namely 海外天 having the celebrated and together with our dinner. As usual sing k in the restaurant.

Grandma is weak. Her legs are painful usually, She will say :"my legs are tight" every time when she wanna get up after the chair. But the lucky is she still can walk. yeah!

cake =) and the

寿包, traditionally we eat that every year too. It is the meaning like we ate and gave grandma the longevity to goes on her life.

So now, video time =)


You know wad, it is cool.
Just come back from a movie and dinner with my lovely. DearDear, thanks for your fetched and accompanied with me today. I appreciated it. I wish you could enjoy the show. If you want to watch resident evil i can be with you too. See ya.

Yeap, we watched this movie just now. It's quite late to be watch, i know, no choice, because the show release date had matched the exam period so have to postpone and postpone. Hmm.. Nothing much on the movie i want to say. Just, i wanna to enjoy the feeling, you know, battle together in a competition plus performance. In real life i have been seen my younger brother dancing,Kenny Kentz, break dance. Just like the movie show.

Of course, the movie has lots effect, those lights that are impossible to see in real.

Yeah, I'm enjoy in watching. They are really a great dancer. I have interest about dance but i can't. I didn't choose the road, so envy them.

The movie is trying to say that dance make your dreams come true and it represent who you are from your every single movement or action. Everyone has their own style and different, it can't be 100% same from everyone even though the action is same. Some people are born to dance but dance could not make you rich, it is not a kind of work that can make you money unless you are a professional dancer, this is the reality.

Sunday, September 12, 2010


I have been enjoying my holidays for one week and still have 2 more weeks to go. I didn't go for any work in fact I'm the one who wait for job comes to me instead of look for it by own. Well, i don't like be a promoter. But, sometimes i have to be a promoter due to fill up my times, work for money and because it easy to find. 

Anyway, i have been gone through a big clean-up for my room. I changed my table, my bro gave it to me. Yeah, he bought new furniture. I'm appreciate it although it is old. 

I gonna move the 2 tables out. Actually, i want to change it long time ago. Because the study table is small.

everything was moved out. And start sweeping, cleaning, packing, wiping and so on for 3 days. Yeap, i do it relaxing.

Finally, done yet i haven't unpack. Properly do it on Tuesday because tomorrow have to hang out. Has!

3K and I went for i-city for celebrate Regen's birthday.

We having our dinner on the Sakea Shusi in Bangsa village. I like shusi.

And then, reached i-city and start our shooting.

don't you think we are so happy?

We love group photo. Guess who help us to take the picture?

Here it is. Answer: Tree. cool right?

That's why the photo change become like this. Has!

They are cute.

my dear, liang lui. Does her hair cool, doesn't she?

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