Saturday, September 18, 2010

Early mooncake festival

Just a quick short update. Today i went to 佛光山, a temple that I used to be volunteer, teacher, student last time. Yep, i have seldom go for it, but, as long as got any activity i still will be appeared and given some help. I have made a lot of friends there, but we are lost touch and they no longer come to the temple anymore. Maybe is the fate, but i believe we still can be met in future.

As usual a talk will be given by the master. And then, game on.

Game no.1 which guess who is the one that had ate the food with sour, sweet, bitter and spicy. Well, the other three are trying to misleading the audience by their acting.

Okay, coming to the game by guess through what the 2 people is acting. They are so ridiculous. haha!

And then, we having a lil bit performance, sign language performance. There is the short video clip.

Last with lantern. Looking for those children happy playing with those lanterns and candles are make me refresh back when i was young. The memorable childhood. So, i am thinking about if we come have a meet with celebrate moon-cake festival? S1? Since we still haven't meet. Oh yeah, someone is warning me today.

Presents for those audiences who correct guess the question. it's cute.


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