Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I feel like wanna to make this post when i saw the amazing drawing technique again and again. It's just an incredible Arts as what I can said. I think everyone know me realize i love drawing. Click here - My old post about the my drawing. What i learn before i feel it's just a small part. But, you know there are more.

So Now, lets see.
Sand drawing

When I first saw I'm just Whoa! It's grateful and creative. Really talented which including a lil sad story inside.

And then, also can draw on water.

This one is the most I like, I can't explain why. I feel the technique will be harden than others.

Can even draw with light, huh! Gorgeous.

Just Beautiful and Elegance. Charming! But, it will be disappear slowly right? I think so.


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