Thursday, September 16, 2010

I love puppy

I didn't come back home and stayed at my cousin's house for one day. That is interesting for a new member, GeeGee, a cute puppy. Only 3 months imagine how cute it is.

She is cute and active. Small and adorable.

She is biting my hand. definitely not hurt at all. XD~

She is drinking. Do it look like hamster, Doesn't it?

I was played with her. <3

My nephew and gee gee. ^^

one more thing i wanna share. There are different type of ferrero roshell. Honestly i like the black one. It made by black chocolate and taste a lil bit bitter. Inside has no nut but chocolate, Has! that's why i like. Another one is white chocolate. Hmm.. i don't like that taste. =P


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