Friday, September 17, 2010


I just scrolled up some of the pictures. So now, let the picture speak on my blog=)

Girls shooting time. Currently stay at the Advanced Diploma Banking and Finance course. The photo was taken at Derrick Chin's house. Yep, we had a Barbecue together before the final exam but after the coursework in semester 1. All are smiling naturally and thanks the camera man, Danny^.^

Group 3 members, I'm the one of it. =) Do all members arrived? No, definitely. Almost quarter of the people were absented Hmm.. I like smile photo. (i know i had mention lots time)

We took a lot of funny and insane photos, well, i pick the most i like here. LOL. You are welcome to see more on Facebook.


Look, my Danny was buying ice cream for me. Haagen-Dazs. Oh yeah, for our 2nd Anniversary. =p

I had chosen this 2 flavours. The name is quite long for pink one, it is new flavour and limit until it finish. For me, i like it. Very nice. It tasted sweet. Another one is very common but nice and is a must to choose. Rum Raisin. ^^


Okay, I'm not very healthy that kind and very weak in a reasonable period. As above is those traditional Chinese medicines for me to recuperate. Be honest i quite lazy to eat. Has! Actually those have been leaved in the corner for almost a year but at least it haven't reach expired date then i still can have it. LOL.

Latest me!
Trying to edit photo. Hmm.. I still like natural photo with a great camera. Soon, i wanna have one good camera. Actually i like my natural hair, don't have strengthen and without dye too. But, i most like changing. New look is coming soon. I wish is what i desire.


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