Monday, September 20, 2010

Advanced diploma first sem break

First thing first, holiday countdown - left 6 days. Well,other than hang out or meet my lovely yet watching drama and reading story books or any news have occupied all my HOLIDAY time and made my life didn't that bored. Seriously speaking I'm enjoying, as long as I'm doing the thing that i like so i feel blissful. I know i suppose to work and earn a lil portion of money. Ah! I'm laziness. Just wait for the internship next semester break is what i plan for.

I am seeking for several English Drama Series, Japanese Animation Series and one of the Hong Kong Drama Series. I actually like to watch English drama, the first English drama that i watched is Heroes(i still waiting for the next season). I have been attractive by the story in oversea, i mean the plot which is very different from Chinese, Hong Kong or Taiwan and i thousand like it.

Okay, what i gonna to post here is namely Supernatural. (Introduce by a pretty girl, Ruixanne)

The drama that i can't stop for chasing it NOW. I could be watch 1 season in one day (I tried) but i don't want to be so insane with just stick on the computer. It totally have 5 seasons, well, i stop at the half of season 4. But then, i have no idea what happen to the PPS, you know, i couldn't find this drama any more, just like disappeared, yest. Hmm, a lil bit disappointing. But, just.. whatever since i can't do anything. And actually PPS is illegal. Ahah! But, I guess as what my BF said is because the UK or US's federal policy has been pay attention for those hacker. So, it might a problem here. Whatever i will be found another way to watch it. Has!

Alright, it's about a family call Winchester, 2 brothers Sam and Dean, a hunting family. Yep, hunting 'things', i mean hunting GHOST. Season 1 talk bout the 2 brothers gonna find their dad, John Winchester who lost to find a way to kill the demon who had killed their mom, Mary. (I think so) But he had dead by making a deal with demon to save his son, Dean's life. Okay, the Yellow demon who kill their mother had killed by Dean in season 2. Opps, Sam is contain demon blood as the demon is planning for something. Dean gonna die in season 3 because he made a deal with demon to save Sam's life. huh! (just a short quick synopsis) Coming to season 4 with Angel and Demon. I only watch till half i can't continue the story T.T Probably Sam will be a demon and Dean will be Angel, well i guess. I feel have some messages gonna to bring for audiences, but i might be no change to know it. Has!

Never mind i still have others to go. I will be post it here if i got time. Haha.. Oh ya, never forget there will be a new season 6 start at September 22 this year. ^^


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