Sunday, September 12, 2010


I have been enjoying my holidays for one week and still have 2 more weeks to go. I didn't go for any work in fact I'm the one who wait for job comes to me instead of look for it by own. Well, i don't like be a promoter. But, sometimes i have to be a promoter due to fill up my times, work for money and because it easy to find. 

Anyway, i have been gone through a big clean-up for my room. I changed my table, my bro gave it to me. Yeah, he bought new furniture. I'm appreciate it although it is old. 

I gonna move the 2 tables out. Actually, i want to change it long time ago. Because the study table is small.

everything was moved out. And start sweeping, cleaning, packing, wiping and so on for 3 days. Yeap, i do it relaxing.

Finally, done yet i haven't unpack. Properly do it on Tuesday because tomorrow have to hang out. Has!

3K and I went for i-city for celebrate Regen's birthday.

We having our dinner on the Sakea Shusi in Bangsa village. I like shusi.

And then, reached i-city and start our shooting.

don't you think we are so happy?

We love group photo. Guess who help us to take the picture?

Here it is. Answer: Tree. cool right?

That's why the photo change become like this. Has!

They are cute.

my dear, liang lui. Does her hair cool, doesn't she?

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