Thursday, September 23, 2010


I'm emo. Ha! I don't know why, Hormone secretion? Ha! might be! =p I feel like I just wasting my valuable time do the things that is nothing for me from yesterday. You know by just scrolling website that is non of my business and result in get nothing. It's just like find things to do for the time in the past, huh. I'm not gonna to let such a thing happen to me and today will be different. (feeling like self-control, haha!)

Come on man, left 3 days more I'm gonna return into college and start second semester. So, MEANING I only left year and a half to be a student. I feel like just wanna to fully utilize the student card!

And finally, 2nd semester time table is released. Oh gosh! I don't like the time arrange at all. *crying* Mon class 2 to 6pm tutorial class and lecture, Tues class from 12 to 5.30pm tutorial class and lecture. Urg! Others still okay but have class everyday. *lame* I am actually more preferred class start in the early morning like 8am or 9am. Sleep early and wake up early. "The early birds get the worms" The most important is so that no pimple in my face. LOL. And stay healthy.

Oh crap! Pimple. I keep continuance sleep late and get up late in my holiday. It's just holy crap! My face *helpless*

And also the medicine i have been eaten for recuperate probably got a lil influence i guess. End

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