Wednesday, August 31, 2011

3K gathering - MahJong + Lami.

First of all, okay, i know, this year miss S1 gathering again, because of someone back from Germany.  Honestly, I don't know still have next time or not. Since planning and organizing about this is not an easy job, plus, we gonna graduate & everyone has to start to their career. So, "Next Time" is really hard to be imagined. 
Anyway, just see our fate

Yesterday, having a little gathering with 3K again.Hmm~ actually is because Dan bought souvenirs for them. A package of chocolate and the cologne, honestly, the cologne just for commemorate enough lar, kay. I think y'all know what I mean. Haha~ 

Okay, get the souvenirs - a chocolate as small as like a sweet (Just kidding),  Okay, everyone can go back already! ciaoz ciaoz ciaoz~ hmm~

Do you believe really back so fast?

Gosh, of course not, we having 'this' until 4am.  Again~
Lami - ing +
各里台 (in Cantonese "gat li toi".)
Mahjong - ing.

Who win? what? we din't bet >.<


Before this having a little 21st birthday celebration for Yoyo - college classmate. But, since photo is not in my handphone. So, delay the post. Haha!

Omigosh, speak about handphone, my stupid handphone malfunction with the button. Sxxx! But, thinking to repair, what? Bear in mind is handphone not smartphone, SE W705. Only use about a year. Don't feel like wanna to spend on my phone yet. Is not about money, is about planning. Arg! all my sisters using smartphone, but never mind, What I mean is, we don't care about what phone you are using, what luxury you have. Just that, even dear Eng also can use her Nokia handphone to whatsapp. The main point is they can easily contact with each other by Zero charge (wifi). But, I cant T.T.  Sorry Dear All, I think I'll be the latest to get a smartphone, so, need y'all spend some little money and time to find me lo. Haha!

Eh, dear Eng, still consider to buy ipod or i4? So good, you can play game whatever time you have. Haha!!! 

Monday, August 29, 2011

Join Churp Churp

Now you can earn rewards by sharing through facebook and twitter with #ChurpChurp! How cool is that?

Imma Churper, finally. 

Well, have you ever heard of churp churp before? I think most probably does, right? Because it's so famous in facebook / twitter nowadays, most of my friends like the page on facebook, but do they are a part of churper or not?  I have no idea. Haha! 

Okay, the very first time I heard of churp churp is from this fellow, . Ezra Sang, one of my secondary school mate. Oh, hell ya, his blog is awesome and full of information, just go into his labels and search the topic you like. Also you can search the nuffnang label see how much nuffnang had paid him, RM266!

From his post I get to know what is churp churp. So, what is churp churp actually? It's social media community, In Simple, it's sharing messages for latest updates, campaigns and events. you as a churper, share or spread the messages of event that available and apparently your friends will interested about it , and then people will have a click, look, join, buy and complete the assignment, you get rewarded or earned. That's it. For more information, click here pls, its officially website. 

Sound like nuffnang? yea, churp churp is just sister site of nuffnang. There is many platforms you can share about like facebook, twitter, MSN, blogspot and etc. But I will prefer share in my blog more =p

Okay, I just gotta stop here as i don't have so talented like him to introduce so detail about churp churp. For me, as simply as better. haha!

So, what are you still waiting for? Join it, share it, tweet it and get rewarded, with just a click, 

Promise to share - Crazy Sisters 1st trip (Malacca)

Friday, 27th May 2011

Opps, 3 months delay post *tongue* Sorry for always delay, But, it's one of my important task to record down HAPPY, IMPORTANT, FUNNY moment  in entire of my life. I super ApPreCiated!!! Arg, it's boring I know, as I keep mention about it. 

So, let's get in the topic, there is our first trip -  Melacca. The feeling of had a trip with my posse is extraordinary good. I don't know how to explain the feeling, but overall, I'm happy. 

Okay, gotta start the story, hope I still be able to remember the whole day trip process. This Melacca trip is actually mainly craving for food purpose. Arg, neh, all is the oldest wan's idea. Haha! Don't ask me who is she, there's only 2 specific month for 4 of us. Hint is I almost the oldest wan, yet not the one. *tongue* Hey, I mean the maturest and the prettiest wan, okay. 

Curry Laksa (NICE!)
猪杂汤 (NICE!)

First station, Thanks for sending us to Malacca by your little Myvi, KIM HUI. (Did I spell wrongly?) And those are our breakfast @ Air Keroh. We were super duper lucky had a car sending us to our destination which what we plan earlier was by Bus. And meet with LIM SZE. Zx's friend, Malacca people. another lucky wan, where we not just have another car sent us to the place we wanted and also a "tourist guide". Thank you very very much and thanks for Zx's plan.

Coming up with few route, this is the reason we had this trip - Thousand Layer Cake @Nadeje. 
This is seriously shock me, I never know there is a cake. As they keep mention thousand layer cake, for  what my imagination is like those Malay Kuit. What, since I never had it before, so I just be the follower then. 
Can I just yell : "Nadeje's Thousand Layer Cake is SUPER AWESOME!!!"
Never tried it? Then you must never miss it. 
Click into its website - and facebook, there is road showing way of map for you. 
Nadeje Sdn. Bhd.
G-23 &amp; 25, Jalan PM 4,
Plazza Mahkota,
75000 Melaka.
Tel : 06-283 8750

Nadeje Cafe Sdn. Bhd. Pahlawan
Lot UB051, 052 &amp; 053,
Dataran Pahlawan Melaka,
Jalan Merdeka,
75000 Melaka.
Tel : 06-284 3469

Tiramisu Flavor


Except Strawberry, others THUMBS UP


=p (stealing took at toilet =p)

Picture's speak thousand words, spot where are we? After having awesome food, What to do? Walk Walk =p

@Melacca Castle 

@Malacca Red House

@ The Antique Train

Eat Again! Nyonya Restorance!
Picture not clear, but you know wad. There is a lot of different language writing that include Arab, Japan, Korean, French and so on and on.

Nyonya Food + Hakka Suan Pan Zi

Nyonya house &amp; Nyonya stairs 

Wan Tan Mee (NICE!)

Thanks them for bring us along to look around Melacca! 

It's last station, nice beach. The place where say good bye and last lil chit chat. 
Additionally, we did walked Pasar Malam bought Malacca Products as souvenirs for our family and went temple worship in the afternoon which what pictures don't show. Too many to show ald, so yeah, showing some of the part is more than enough ald. Haha!

Happy Ending

Really thanks for the Driving,
I know driving really tired!
Even money cover the petrol doesn't mean everything

Sunday, August 28, 2011

ღ Cologne ღ

Obviously, Dan is back *Happy* And I'm finish my exam *"Happier"* the tough had gone *"Happiest"*

A cologne as a gift from German,
Aw! Like the smell to the max. 

Well, A whole travel bag of gifts, dun allow me to open, I'm expecting  towards something new share with me.
This is what I always feel the way so heedful by him.
It's expensive gift but not super though if we able to have future, and every time also got a lil gift of surprise, imagine how good it is. Haha.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Miss you

Nothing much, just so not in the mood.
Imma Stalker, wakakaka!!!

Hey, Danny Ooi, Are you Kidding me?

Your followers are SHOCK man!

Congrates for the winner for getting USD1,000,000, but I dunno who are them.

The more important is I stalk you, get scolded, hehe!!!

Take care, Hope you get enough sleep, enough drink and enough food.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Who to Blame?

Before go into my topic, it's a must for me to remind, no internet no life. Guess What? I'm at college's CC right now updating my blog. Ha Ha Ha, does it funny? Nah, wanna to record down my feeling so badly after MF-Multinational Finance final test, but, home internet really freak me out. Whatever, I feeling like wanna to record down my stupidity

So, just finished the third exam paper (CBM-commercial bank management) which suppose to be yell, "whooray, left 2 more", urg!! But, I can't. As I mention. So intend wanna to blog down my feeling. Did not well in my MF paper on Thursday, because I changed my answer, but change from right wan into wrong wan. Yea, normally I will just, nah, don't care about it, since can't change the truth, but not at this time.

I start feel stress after did not so well in the previous 2 papers, well, Just personally feeling did not good. Just can't stop blaming myself. Aiks~ Blame God? Nah! Just kidding, no idea why god wanna reward such good results last semester make me feel stress to maintain. 

Well, this is life, maybe when you don't wanna to aim time, you did well in final results. When you starting to worry about it and care about it, did not well though. *sign*

Feeling myself contradiction in don't wanna aim high because of suffering yet not wish to lower down my CGPA. Anyway, not allow myself to have same mistake in second time. 
The first mistake was ignorance, the second mistake is STUPID. 

At least, able in start finding back myself after blog. Results doesn't mean anything.

One more thing, so miss you, you are always the first one to share this, but you are not here. You will read me, no matter how busy you are right? Haha.

If I was reincarnated, I want to strive to be a lovely person. 
Do not complain, 
do not laugh, 
not envy, 
bright sun, wind and rain in the run,
 do own dreams, 
go my own way.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

3 idiots

Idiot!!! what if somebody call you an idiot?
Well, if someone call me but actually because I'm as smart as like the movie show, I mean the main character, I'll not care. 

Yea, there is a movie, famous film, right? Everyone comment about it very nice.
Its an 2009 Indian comedy film. And yea, because it's an Indian film, that's why I delay in watching, And
even my mum's friend borrows a VCD for me and ask me to watch, but, Nah, what I feel is like, the same reason, Indian, sure a lot of those dancing and singing screen wan. No wan to watch, even how good the movie show is. 

Imma Tarcian, as I keep mention (Final Exam), that's the reason I having study group, and yet, that's the reason so, they chi chat about how good this movie are, and of course, talk about the part of funny screen. Well, only I find out that, this movie is talking about study. 

Wow, they just right lure my interest to watch this film. Aw!
Such a meaningful movie show. And, FUNNY, yea!!
I love it. 
Ignore those dancing or singing part, it's seriously talking about today's society, how much important they look at the results. *Yuck*
Compare everything *Puke*
So what if you Win?

From what the ending that movie has shown, at the end of the day, those who Death Study still will be under or depends on those who create their own future. Death Study, you can be success, but you cant successful.

Well, I'm not born smart. What I love is Art, like drawing or dancing.

But, some reasons, maybe family or maybe as the society, 
well, if choosing the Art path way, I have no dare to imagine what my future will be like. 
Study and get a stable income or high income, counting as a guarantee in life, Maybe!

A good new have to be spread is, my youngest bro got Champion in the solo international dance competition. He spend about 5 years to learn break dance, and finally have the result. And you know wad, he will be trying his best continue doing what he like. Just like me, trying hard to do what I have been chosen. HaHa! Well, you know me then you'll knew. 

Get high marks? then? If can choose, I dun wanna to be the one who get high certificate or whatever in family, I wanna to be the one who do what I like.  IF can choose, BUT, whatever, What I can do is, put all the effort to do what I have been chosen, no matter now or my future!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Horrible Bosses

Will not let any bad thing happen to dispel what I gonna record down in my Blog. 
Look back, a lot of things, because of the little unpleasant happen then didn't blog, 
just ignore it.

It's a comedy movie,
It's surprise from Dan, again. *love*
Never know he get it free until he collected and showed in front of me,
and the thing is Preview Screening,
It's first time in my life.

This movie is seriously funny, really.
I will rate it 8/10!!!
Omigosh, So funny!
It's really a good funny movie for me to watch during exam period.
I feel relax, In fact, I dunno why I din't stress like last time.
Whatever, it's not important.
Because what I feel is like, if I manage to get a boss like the movie show, for what I study so hard? haha! Non-sense, ignore it.
Basically, this movie is talking about the 3 main characters having 3 different WEIRD bosses that make their life so suffer and make them wanna to kill them. haha!
1 is a overmuch react jerk dick boss
another 1 is drug addicted jerk boss
last 1 is sexual harassment bitch boss
oh, c'm on, if you wanna to LOL, watch this movie then.

Danny Ooi, How come your hp quality can as good as camera?!

.Look at mine =(

But, Thank you my LOVE!

Monday, August 8, 2011




凌晨三時半分         晚

Saturday, August 6, 2011

1...2...3....36th "Month-sary"

Oh Dear, I think title has shown what I'm gonna say already right? *giggle*
Blessing us? *tongue* 
We don't have go anywhere celebrate anything, but, we did met up and spend our special time*cough*
Feeling unwillingness *sad* 
But there's nothing different,too, because the period he stay at Germany is exactly my final examination period. Well, 26th is my last exam paper also is the day he coming back, timing good!!! *happy*

Happy 3rd Anniversaryღ + 七夕节快乐♡ 
Love is not a vanity bring it up to show off in front,
Love is not beautiful clothes wear on the outside for everyone to enjoy,
Love is not a task that have to explain to friends and family,
Love is your personal matter, you happy or not? Only you know!

Okay, I'm stuck here, have thousand words wanna to say, but, everything GONE. 
There maybe the aftermath of repeating listen to this song 
Long Gone by Akon
Okay, there is nothing to do with the upper part, Haha!(I mean the meaning of lyrics) 
Just that, Akon finally come out the song I like.
Well, he use to be my idol.=p
Hmm, that's all, BYE!

Long Gone Lyrics

i used to tell my homie
slow down time after time
but he never would listen
until he got some time
the life that he was living
i knew it wasn’t right
the judge gave him that sentence
and put him up for life
you don’t miss the water
til the well runs dry
don’t miss the living til they die
don’t know the reason
don’t know why
we just let life pass us by

cause you never know (never know)
what you got (what you got)
until it’s gone (gone away)
away away away away
long long gone
cause you never know (never know)
what you got (what you got)
until it’s gone away
away away away away
long long gone

rock city:
see my best friend used to stay with me
each and every day he’d chill with me
always told me to pray for me
but i always thought that he’ll be fine
now i got to watch his mother cry
cos she loved him child
don’t miss the water
til the well runs dry
don’t miss the living til they die
don’t know the reason
don’t know why
we just let life pass us by.

cause you never know (never know)
what you got (what you got)
until it’s gone away
away away away away
long long gone
cause you never know (never know)
what you got (what you got)
until it’s gone away
away away away away
long long gone

so don’t you take for granted
the life you’ve been handed
be thankful and grateful
cause life goes on
with or without you
plus there’s so many people worse off than you
with no chance of changing
it’s truly up to you

cause you never know (never know)
what you got (what you got)
until it’s gone away
away away away away
long long gone
cause you never know (never know)
what you got (what you got)
until it’s gone away
away away away away
long long gone

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Happy Shopping w/ Love + Sweet hut w/Dearest

Okay, Long Story SHORT, just wanna to record down my happy journey
"I'm glad that you in my life"

2 August 2011
Happy shopping day with my love one
venue, no doubt always is Mid Valley
For what? Because he going to leave me again T.T, This is the point.
Haha, not that kind of leave, I mean he going to go foreign country in center Europe that start with G, for 10 days.
While I have my Final~ So, yea, Picture time =p

Actually he at the back, keep hiding from me.

Haha, hide again. Imma catcher. 



So hate to take photo, huh?

Finally willing to take at MV, but blur wan, Aisk~

Just for you: Your little encouragement, overshadowed my melancholy mind, I will firmly remember what you have say to me after the good bye kiss in the super early morning.

3 August 2011
Venue: Kucai Lama Sweet Hut
Time: 10PM!!!
With: My dearest, 3K crazier gang - Regen, LiYuan, JianLun, Eng, ZenXin, Dan and Me.
Comment on the food: well, To be honest, Normal ONLY. HAHA! 

Sweet Hut logo + the signature dessert
Order by Dan

Dun ask me the name! it's over 5 words in Chinese.
So long, man.

Don't end up so fast, we still got next station, 
Don't you think left 1 crazy ppl there?
She is busy with her next day presentation (today) 
So, we decide to give her a surprise,
Hehe! Sock!  Its 12am already.
Venue: Sungai Long
Well, we like stupid, no people open door for us while we keep knock the door, 
stay at outside about 5-6 minutes.
Hmm, finally need another Ooi to help us ask her roommate to open door for us.
Hello, jie, first time visit you in Sungai Long with a big SURPRISE!!!