Wednesday, August 31, 2011

3K gathering - MahJong + Lami.

First of all, okay, i know, this year miss S1 gathering again, because of someone back from Germany.  Honestly, I don't know still have next time or not. Since planning and organizing about this is not an easy job, plus, we gonna graduate & everyone has to start to their career. So, "Next Time" is really hard to be imagined. 
Anyway, just see our fate

Yesterday, having a little gathering with 3K again.Hmm~ actually is because Dan bought souvenirs for them. A package of chocolate and the cologne, honestly, the cologne just for commemorate enough lar, kay. I think y'all know what I mean. Haha~ 

Okay, get the souvenirs - a chocolate as small as like a sweet (Just kidding),  Okay, everyone can go back already! ciaoz ciaoz ciaoz~ hmm~

Do you believe really back so fast?

Gosh, of course not, we having 'this' until 4am.  Again~
Lami - ing +
各里台 (in Cantonese "gat li toi".)
Mahjong - ing.

Who win? what? we din't bet >.<


Before this having a little 21st birthday celebration for Yoyo - college classmate. But, since photo is not in my handphone. So, delay the post. Haha!

Omigosh, speak about handphone, my stupid handphone malfunction with the button. Sxxx! But, thinking to repair, what? Bear in mind is handphone not smartphone, SE W705. Only use about a year. Don't feel like wanna to spend on my phone yet. Is not about money, is about planning. Arg! all my sisters using smartphone, but never mind, What I mean is, we don't care about what phone you are using, what luxury you have. Just that, even dear Eng also can use her Nokia handphone to whatsapp. The main point is they can easily contact with each other by Zero charge (wifi). But, I cant T.T.  Sorry Dear All, I think I'll be the latest to get a smartphone, so, need y'all spend some little money and time to find me lo. Haha!

Eh, dear Eng, still consider to buy ipod or i4? So good, you can play game whatever time you have. Haha!!! 

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  1. can i know where can i buy the MahJong Lami?