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Promise to share - Crazy Sisters 1st trip (Malacca)

Friday, 27th May 2011

Opps, 3 months delay post *tongue* Sorry for always delay, But, it's one of my important task to record down HAPPY, IMPORTANT, FUNNY moment  in entire of my life. I super ApPreCiated!!! Arg, it's boring I know, as I keep mention about it. 

So, let's get in the topic, there is our first trip -  Melacca. The feeling of had a trip with my posse is extraordinary good. I don't know how to explain the feeling, but overall, I'm happy. 

Okay, gotta start the story, hope I still be able to remember the whole day trip process. This Melacca trip is actually mainly craving for food purpose. Arg, neh, all is the oldest wan's idea. Haha! Don't ask me who is she, there's only 2 specific month for 4 of us. Hint is I almost the oldest wan, yet not the one. *tongue* Hey, I mean the maturest and the prettiest wan, okay. 

Curry Laksa (NICE!)
猪杂汤 (NICE!)

First station, Thanks for sending us to Malacca by your little Myvi, KIM HUI. (Did I spell wrongly?) And those are our breakfast @ Air Keroh. We were super duper lucky had a car sending us to our destination which what we plan earlier was by Bus. And meet with LIM SZE. Zx's friend, Malacca people. another lucky wan, where we not just have another car sent us to the place we wanted and also a "tourist guide". Thank you very very much and thanks for Zx's plan.

Coming up with few route, this is the reason we had this trip - Thousand Layer Cake @Nadeje. 
This is seriously shock me, I never know there is a cake. As they keep mention thousand layer cake, for  what my imagination is like those Malay Kuit. What, since I never had it before, so I just be the follower then. 
Can I just yell : "Nadeje's Thousand Layer Cake is SUPER AWESOME!!!"
Never tried it? Then you must never miss it. 
Click into its website - and facebook, there is road showing way of map for you. 
Nadeje Sdn. Bhd.
G-23 & 25, Jalan PM 4,
Plazza Mahkota,
75000 Melaka.
Tel : 06-283 8750

Nadeje Cafe Sdn. Bhd. Pahlawan
Lot UB051, 052 & 053,
Dataran Pahlawan Melaka,
Jalan Merdeka,
75000 Melaka.
Tel : 06-284 3469

Tiramisu Flavor


Except Strawberry, others THUMBS UP


=p (stealing took at toilet =p)

Picture's speak thousand words, spot where are we? After having awesome food, What to do? Walk Walk =p

@Melacca Castle 

@Malacca Red House

@ The Antique Train

Eat Again! Nyonya Restorance!
Picture not clear, but you know wad. There is a lot of different language writing that include Arab, Japan, Korean, French and so on and on.

Nyonya Food + Hakka Suan Pan Zi

Nyonya house & Nyonya stairs 

Wan Tan Mee (NICE!)

Thanks them for bring us along to look around Melacca! 

It's last station, nice beach. The place where say good bye and last lil chit chat. 
Additionally, we did walked Pasar Malam bought Malacca Products as souvenirs for our family and went temple worship in the afternoon which what pictures don't show. Too many to show ald, so yeah, showing some of the part is more than enough ald. Haha!

Happy Ending

Really thanks for the Driving,
I know driving really tired!
Even money cover the petrol doesn't mean everything


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