Thursday, August 4, 2011

Happy Shopping w/ Love + Sweet hut w/Dearest

Okay, Long Story SHORT, just wanna to record down my happy journey
"I'm glad that you in my life"

2 August 2011
Happy shopping day with my love one
venue, no doubt always is Mid Valley
For what? Because he going to leave me again T.T, This is the point.
Haha, not that kind of leave, I mean he going to go foreign country in center Europe that start with G, for 10 days.
While I have my Final~ So, yea, Picture time =p

Actually he at the back, keep hiding from me.

Haha, hide again. Imma catcher. 



So hate to take photo, huh?

Finally willing to take at MV, but blur wan, Aisk~

Just for you: Your little encouragement, overshadowed my melancholy mind, I will firmly remember what you have say to me after the good bye kiss in the super early morning.

3 August 2011
Venue: Kucai Lama Sweet Hut
Time: 10PM!!!
With: My dearest, 3K crazier gang - Regen, LiYuan, JianLun, Eng, ZenXin, Dan and Me.
Comment on the food: well, To be honest, Normal ONLY. HAHA! 

Sweet Hut logo + the signature dessert
Order by Dan

Dun ask me the name! it's over 5 words in Chinese.
So long, man.

Don't end up so fast, we still got next station, 
Don't you think left 1 crazy ppl there?
She is busy with her next day presentation (today) 
So, we decide to give her a surprise,
Hehe! Sock!  Its 12am already.
Venue: Sungai Long
Well, we like stupid, no people open door for us while we keep knock the door, 
stay at outside about 5-6 minutes.
Hmm, finally need another Ooi to help us ask her roommate to open door for us.
Hello, jie, first time visit you in Sungai Long with a big SURPRISE!!! 

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