Saturday, August 13, 2011

3 idiots

Idiot!!! what if somebody call you an idiot?
Well, if someone call me but actually because I'm as smart as like the movie show, I mean the main character, I'll not care. 

Yea, there is a movie, famous film, right? Everyone comment about it very nice.
Its an 2009 Indian comedy film. And yea, because it's an Indian film, that's why I delay in watching, And
even my mum's friend borrows a VCD for me and ask me to watch, but, Nah, what I feel is like, the same reason, Indian, sure a lot of those dancing and singing screen wan. No wan to watch, even how good the movie show is. 

Imma Tarcian, as I keep mention (Final Exam), that's the reason I having study group, and yet, that's the reason so, they chi chat about how good this movie are, and of course, talk about the part of funny screen. Well, only I find out that, this movie is talking about study. 

Wow, they just right lure my interest to watch this film. Aw!
Such a meaningful movie show. And, FUNNY, yea!!
I love it. 
Ignore those dancing or singing part, it's seriously talking about today's society, how much important they look at the results. *Yuck*
Compare everything *Puke*
So what if you Win?

From what the ending that movie has shown, at the end of the day, those who Death Study still will be under or depends on those who create their own future. Death Study, you can be success, but you cant successful.

Well, I'm not born smart. What I love is Art, like drawing or dancing.

But, some reasons, maybe family or maybe as the society, 
well, if choosing the Art path way, I have no dare to imagine what my future will be like. 
Study and get a stable income or high income, counting as a guarantee in life, Maybe!

A good new have to be spread is, my youngest bro got Champion in the solo international dance competition. He spend about 5 years to learn break dance, and finally have the result. And you know wad, he will be trying his best continue doing what he like. Just like me, trying hard to do what I have been chosen. HaHa! Well, you know me then you'll knew. 

Get high marks? then? If can choose, I dun wanna to be the one who get high certificate or whatever in family, I wanna to be the one who do what I like.  IF can choose, BUT, whatever, What I can do is, put all the effort to do what I have been chosen, no matter now or my future!

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  1. Fav movie so far ! Watched it like few times. Nicee one ! ;)