Tuesday, August 2, 2011

MF Ruin My Day

MF is one of my subject, Multinational Finance. To be honest, it's a very interesting subject, seriously, because it leads us to know what is the impact if stronger in currency, and mostly there is a calculation part, which my favorite. But it's different story when get teach by an irresponsibility lecturer or tutor. 

He, ask my whole course to redo the assignment, because we fail to perform his 'personal' requirement, well, not all but majority. At least he go through everyone of our work first then only make a decision, can him? Godamnit, he didn't. He asked us to redo while just go through few students, okay fine, maybe he feel he have to reread again but, so what, that's his responsibility to make clear what his personal requirement is. Okay, in good, he let us to redo, for those who had did in wrong way is good to redo then. 

Furthermore, whatever he want, like what? tables, graph, less word, simple, bla bla bla, in simple, he just want a summaries with everything to explain just like what we do it when presentation. Is that assignment is like that? I do't know. He is the 1st lecture who taught us that we need to have less words more graph or bla bla bla..... in doing our proposal in future works. HONESTLY, whatever he want is actually to let him simple to read instead of  say 'read', I gotta replace the Read as See! 

Yet, he ask students to marks our mid-term test! I was like, WT........H, is that we are having secondary school class?

Whatever it is, I take noted, is it fair enough for everyone, how you think so?


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