Friday, July 29, 2011

Say Bye to my previous own made template \('',)

Ladies & gentlemen, I change my blog template, YET, T.E.M.P.O.R.A.R.Y only (*^_^*), just so, the planning of yelling through "Yosh, I Change New Template =)" had dispel. In fact, quite love my earlier ones, of course, every corner of it all made out of myself, ya right, without a doubt get help from blogspot already exist's features as I Not so formidable like those ready made download template that can be searched through website. If yes to do so, I can earn from this kind of job already. 

Speaking temporary, yup, this new template which downloaded, don't really get touch my heart (#^_^#) haha~ But, since uploaded and done every adjustment PLUS exam is coming in 2 weeks later, decided use for it 1st then. 

Hence, I plan use either one template of these from Blogger template;

Cherry Mag 


Retro Chic

With the result that lets say BYE to my previously "Appreciate the life I have as the friends and family I have".

Bye my Love Header, =p

Bye, my Meaningful Text, XD!

And Bye, My Footer \\*^o^*//

P/S: I don't really know what is going on this semester, But. I know I dun wanna to study with stressful though, Drama and Relax is what I want right now. (>﹏<)~~~~ Positively thinking sorry I can't.


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