Sunday, May 29, 2011


If you ask me how do you do? I'll just say I'm Fine and come up with smile on my face. Speaking I'm Fine is always the easier. I suppose to prepare my tutorials presentation, but I've no mood to do it. What I realize is that, Life is being fool if you don't have do whatever things you like, especially, when your emotional is depend on others emotion. This is very stupidity in the world that ever have!


At least baby always can warm me up. How happiness if your house have a baby. But, today is the last day my niece stay at my house. It just like when you see or hug a baby, those trouble, vexed will automatically disappear. 2 months had just passed like this. I know time flies, but never know its can be so fast like nobody else. After today, baby will only come back once a week when my sister-in-law off day. It's really a sad thing, tough. 


I'll update those photo soon~


What? Long time didn't come back my blog, but never know I'll starting to post my blog after a sudden disappearing with a title moody. But I never meant to. I have being gone through a tough day, today. It's just make me feel, "Exhausted". When sometimes, you don't feel like wanna to talk, writing is always a good way.

So, Having a deep breath, just let me fresh up my mind with 'do whatever the hell makes you happy'. Life, still goes on. And Move on! Cheer :) Well, study life is back. Last year first sem. Cool, I've been finally walk till here. But, I'm seriously don't know where or what my future will become like. I have no more the motivation to aim or target, because it's just turn out the way not like I want to be. Fool right, haha, ignore it. 

Oh, my last post is "I'll be back". Yeah, taking a break to stop writing, haha, nah, I've been live with lots April baby, and my laziness is pulling me to stop writing for a while.

OMG, after yesterday Malacca trip with my sis, I do really addicted to the thousand layer cake!. Aww!!! Supper feel like wanna to eat right now! Drooling!