Sunday, May 29, 2011


What? Long time didn't come back my blog, but never know I'll starting to post my blog after a sudden disappearing with a title moody. But I never meant to. I have being gone through a tough day, today. It's just make me feel, "Exhausted". When sometimes, you don't feel like wanna to talk, writing is always a good way.

So, Having a deep breath, just let me fresh up my mind with 'do whatever the hell makes you happy'. Life, still goes on. And Move on! Cheer :) Well, study life is back. Last year first sem. Cool, I've been finally walk till here. But, I'm seriously don't know where or what my future will become like. I have no more the motivation to aim or target, because it's just turn out the way not like I want to be. Fool right, haha, ignore it. 

Oh, my last post is "I'll be back". Yeah, taking a break to stop writing, haha, nah, I've been live with lots April baby, and my laziness is pulling me to stop writing for a while.

OMG, after yesterday Malacca trip with my sis, I do really addicted to the thousand layer cake!. Aww!!! Supper feel like wanna to eat right now! Drooling!

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