Monday, December 27, 2010

Oh my goodness

Well, if you're my friends and is one of my twitter followers or FB friend list I guess you know what am I gonna to post about. It's about a reptile animal. *tongue* creepy!

But, before that, I gonna post what I promise to share on my previous post stated. Guys, do you know that i-MAX @ time square has already been taken by Golden Screen Cinema (GSC) and namely GSC Max which is where I watched the Tron 3D with Dan. Okay, of course the price of ticket'll be a lil expensive. It cost us bout RM20 per person but normal price with just RM17. You know wad, the screen is big enough and there is totally 100++ chairs, one row has about 41 or 42 chairs. Comment for me, comfortable. *smile* Well, I think Tron is no longer a new movie to everyone. Most of the people give good comment  and me as well then. Not bad. *Thumps up*

The thing is I gonna introduce the coming soon movie that I'm interested in. Let's everything explain through video tailer.


The creator of TITANIC and AVATAR is officially attracting my attention. Don't you?


I just feeling wanna to watch it, No why *LOL* Don't you think it's interesting?

The Green Hornet 3D

Okay, I'm not that really interest in this movie. Yet, I'm curious of the Jay Chou. Shooting foreign film, hur?! *Shock*

Maybe nobody knows, I actually scare reptile animal like GECKO. Fine, if the gecko just about to food hunting, Mosquitoes. Go ahead and I will just ignore the gecko's presence, but please leave me far far away, or else I'll just scream out laugh.
But, what happen yesterday, a LIZARD visited my room. *creepy* *scare* *打冷暂*
I'm just Goosebumps!
I don't even dare to walk on the floor, at least leave it far from me for 5 meter, not only me, including jie and my mum are also very afraid of it. What are we did? Just stepped, sit and walked on the table, chair and my bed without touching the floor. The thing is, the lizard was hiding itself in my wardrobe. *screaming like hell* I don't know that, is Jie found it, I thought it was gone by my screaming.
I don't even like the lizard to walk, feel so disgusting. I scream every time the lizard step. Please, stop!

Finally Dan came my house to save me. How could he just go near to the lizard and caught it. Of course, using bucket and broom after observed the situation.

Thanks for saving me, Dan. *Kiss* Thanks for company me, Jie *xoxo*

So, are you ready? Don't expect I have took down all process okay?!






Saturday, December 25, 2010

๑۩Merry Christmas۩๑

Spotted: My name is Christmas, Will you Merry me?  X.o.X.o (miss gossip girl)
I'm officially having a great Christmas day in 2010.
Wow, an new experience that I have never done it before but not this time, guess what? It's exchange Christmas gifts during Christmas. Yet, once I get the chance to experience it, you know wad, I have exchanged it for 3 times in this year. Awesome! 

It's absolutely fun and enjoyable. A different celebration of 2010 Christmas. Well, not gonna to crap more, let's the pictures speak then *tsk tsk*

Let's begin from College friends on set.  It's the idea from our Financial Economic tutor, Miss You(You Hui Li) *Laugh*  Look, is the gifts from group 3 classmate. Gorgeous. -Budget RM5-

With a lil small ribbon is mine
There is our activity.
1. Busying write down the numbers for participants to draw.
2. Draw present time. I'm ugly in the picture
*sorry* LOL
3. Open up time which is the most funny time.

I drew Kiki's gift, RM5 voucher for Rasa Ayamas, KFC and Pizza Hut though it's a great gift.
(Ignore the picture which acting cool for fun
Nevertheless, together with celebration for Hui Pin 21st Birthday.
♪ ♫ ♩ ♬ ♭ ♮ ♯
Miss You (is tutor, k?), the one who wearing red colour pretty women
Finally, we get our gifts.

It's S.K.A.X.Y.T.SK exchange gifts on set. -Budget RM10- Don't expect involve pretty girl pictures k? 
Because this is the only picture took from camera *embarrass*
Spot my gift, guess? Clue: same with the previous gift.
I drew the right hand side blue gift from Yoyo >.<

S1 on set-Budget RM15 & above-n It's my last also is my 3rd times to exchange 2010 Christmas gift. We step by Swings cafe at Kepong to count down 2010 Merry Christmas. Well, maybe lucky starts blow to me, I got one lucky draw gift from Swings cafe, it's a small Tiger LED Touch light Key-chain. Better than nothing hur >.< 
红色圣诞”和“绿色精灵Red Christmas & Green fairly tail
It's the special menu for Christmas day
Red Christmas is taste better

Our big sister, Kyee. Don't wanna hurt you in my blog, dude.
Just kidding k. 

Ps Goo on set. Look. I like her hair. 
Fashion Rock!!!
Me on set. Neh, nothing to speak through. Skip.
Eng Ho on set. eating Combo set. But he is the slowest to finish.
*evil smile*
Jack on set. He is different from last time, man.
That's it.
Gifts on set. The set of gift that I like the most.
Same, the biggest of pink bag is my gift for others.
Ps Goo is the lucky one to get my nice gift, girl.
It's 鸡精, suit her, Exam is around. One more week for us to go.
Adorable gift box >.<
The most creative present from ps to Eng Ho

Have to mention that do you guys see the 6 TOBLERONEss hur, It's mine gift from Eng Ho *LOL*
 gift from Kyee to Jack though
 I like the gift.

Never forget group pictures. I'm officially expected for S1 gathering, guys.

He's my younger brother, man. Specially take this picture of his green Christmas hat.
And his costume is purposely to wear as a B-boy gang to play
JACKASS in Genting.
He must be has a great Christmas too.


Merry Christmas once again people *Smile*. It's really a great Christmas day, having day out shopping for New Year with my honey(Dan), mum and bro. Grab one satisfy nichii cloth, *LMAO* Naah, of course it's bought though expensive but I like it. Yet, watch one movie - Tron 3D with my love,Dan in GSC max. I'm officially look forward to the coming soon movie - THOR & Sanctum. -(3D) THE GREEN HORNET,juz curious bout JayChou-. *LOL*, Yupe, this is bout my next post. *wink* 

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Officially free for 2 weeks

Hooray, I has completed all the task of coursework for semester 2. Gonna face my final exam in next month, urg~ it's disaster life. Believe me, it's suck. *sad*

Right now, it's another 2 more weeks for me to go for the classes on this semester. Hmm, guess what, a group trip in this weekend at PD (Port Dickson) which is my granny place. Excited? Nope. Just let the time come and Show up itself.

I know there is couple of things for me to share, I will! Just done my page. Finally, editing my blog is come to an end. Just finished my 'About Me'. Wanna know me more? Have a look, click this link -

That's it.