About Me

•● About Me ●•

First Q n A section, It's me?  Oh yeah, the picture was taken when I was 14-year-old by my sister (http://dreamscape-fever.blogspot.com/). Why am I still using that old picture? just as my blog description mention 'to capture memories that will last a life time.'  It's memorable moment. Why? because we couldn't go back to the previous then. When read those pictures that you have, I faith those memory will be continued flash by piece from your mind right. And I faith too, people only keep all the nice pictures hur. *LOL* Well, time and tide wait for no man, I'm 20-year-old now and after 4 months gonna enjoy my 'Forever 21'. *LMAO*

Okay, it's time to intro myself,
  • Imma female (so obvious) 
  • Everyone call me KarenKaren90 used to be my website name. (It's forever my name, guess what? It's forever inside identity card, that's why)
  • Imma Malaysian - Kuala Lumpur. One of my wish is travel the whole world. I faith my dream will come true in future. I make it success and I will bring everything I can for my parents.
  • Imma student. Education background;
    •  Air Panas Kindergarten (there is a church at the back of school) 
    • SRJK(C) Chong Hwa (Jalan Pahang)
    • SMK Chong Hwa (Gombak)
    • TARC college. Graduated Diploma Banking & Finance and Advanced Diploma Banking & Finance. 
  • I actually is a kind of person that keep on change my mind, so actually interest in a lot of things like reading, hang out, shopping, watching, travel, blog, facial, drawing, exercising, wanna to learn nail polish and make up tutorial. In fact, I actually not really how to make up (I'm serious)
  • I believe in knowledge is power although I'm not the smarter. But, I always working out to improve it. I'm a hot-temper person that very weak in my EQ self-control, it's very hard for me to change it because A Leopard Cannot Change His Spots, yet I try my best or I should do it.
  • I love dad, my mum. I love my boyfriend, Dan *heart*
Question again: Why am I blogging? Some people feel that I'm declaring my personal diary to the public through online. No, it's not, I don't think so. Well, yea right, I used to think like this before, as my very first blog, so call diary is in Massager(msn) Blog, but it's gone *laughing*, that's past tense and all the words inside were shown with unhappy, vent, rage, sad and all bad emotional. Well, only the people who I know could visit on my site. So, just let it go with those inelegantly words. And next, I post my diaries on Wertch Blog, a Taiwan website. It's public but with password protected for few private post *evil smile* Unfortunately, I found it's not a good way for my friends who really care about me to let them have a guess. If private for what post out, hur. There is a slightly change on my style, no more private and I share any things that I feel special in Blogspot. *a sinister smile*

Blogging for me is sharing and caring, everyone has been the peak in his or her life which is worth for people to pay a regular visit and me too, don't wanna to set up my private and suck all the fun of it anymore. *wink*  It's my life, Imma normal person who stay with my adorable and ridiculous friends and family. I faith they will be visited my blog for wanna to more understand me. Yet I don't know who else will drop by to have a look. You may don't know who I'm but I do appreciate it if you like it, you are welcome to visit every moment if you want. *cute smile* Lastly, not forget to mention that I love visit others blog, I will do it when I feel free which that is part on my life too. *>.<*

With loads of love,