Wednesday, February 29, 2012


*exhale* Alright, battery exhausted, not me, is the camera. So, take a break now.

I was wondering what title should I put. Still have no idea yet, will figure it out later. Because what I gonna to post today, is kind of my lifestyle. 

Not much people know I'm working now, where or what. Unless you're my friends, close friends. Well, people not paying much attention on me and I like it that way. 

At least what i can tell is, what am I work now is nothing related to what I'm study now. Not even a bit. Oh yeah, customers services. But still is totally difference with banking sectors. Anyway, I'm leaning, too. 

Speaking of..., I talked to a customer the day before yesterday, i think so (not really good in remember date or day). John, old man, one of our member. Coming forward to looking for Nikon spotting scope and adapter. I have been learned something...hmmm...not to say new, something I don't know before and it's good for me though. 

Surprisingly, he is a photographer, too, well, it's not hard to find out from what he has been looking at right. It's so much Obvious. Of course, not to delay and ask him the technique when take picture. Good news is I found out there's free learning and gathering of all the photographer once a month in my work place. What a great great news! Fabulous!

What is he exactly want? This!
more details click here. 

And he told me, with an advanced technology today actually the normal digital camera could be taken nice picture already. "Technology".. Ya, exactly, Any Photo Editing Apps or Webs. So, whoever? Miow? think to buy a budget camera just go ahead ( ' v ' ). He add on to say even Iphone could taken nice picture, alright, it's happy me and it's more my prior option to get it already. 

As I'd still get a good camera for future use, as it's my hobby. Of course, if wanna to take down daily life like party, gathering, travels, foods and trips, actually Iphone or normal camera is enough. But, the purpose in getting good quality camera is not just all those. Get me?

When the moment told him my budget, he could just come out the type of good camera that within my budget for me, quickly, which can see that he is a PRO photographer. So happy! Thanks John. As my budget I could get a high-end camera already. 

He had suggested 2 types,

He gave me a good point, well, when you have Iphone you still need a camera. Why? Ya, battery issues. Unless Iphone upgrade their battery with long lasting enough or else Iphone battery is a big issue when you wanna treat your phone as camera use.

Monday, February 27, 2012

The Comparison Trap

Here come my thought post again which is purely my own thoughts. 

Did you find it? Human beings living on Earth will inevitably and ultimately to compare. Let's say comparison can be a driving force, but, I personally think it's not worth feeling lost and sad or even win and happy.

Have you noticed that you never compare yourself to people who seem to aspire to less than you do. And always choose those people who are the top performance, most popular as your yardstick for success?

Hmm, let's say, like if someone seems to be more... articulate than you, you can either respond in this 2 ways:
1. Can become upset and depressed by telling yourself that you should be as articulate as that person? or
2. Recognized and accept the fact that there are probably a lot people out there who are more articulate than him under certain circumstances, and that's just OKAY!

Playing the comparison game is a dead end street and it is the world's most stupid thing. 

So, please don't come and ask me what's my results if you feeling compare. Don't ask me my salary if you want to compare, Don't ask me what's my boyfriend's salary, job, what branded things I had, what's position, who is prettier, rich, etc............... if you feel comparing! 
(Well, I'm just straightforward, I don't mean it, this is me)

I hate the comparison, and also hate to be compared. 

Are you as good as your friends? bro? sis? Or how about try to be 'normal' person are? 

Can you only be good if you're better than someone else? I mean when we use other as our yardstick, we aren't taking into consideration our own limitation or talents.

Don't tell me compare can be progress, it might be. You'll just be addicted into it and forget the real, exactly why you're here doing this. If you win, it could be you're smarter, luckier and hardworking. But, don't forget it also could be people is just lazier. 

I mean by doing this probably will cause you to lose some other qualities by which you can judge your own worth, like honesty, friendliness, caring nature and animals and so forth. 

And really, What I thought is that, 
People don't value you for how much you're like someone else.
People do Value you for the ways you're being you.

And Why Not? Just enjoying the moment with "real friends"?

Friday, February 24, 2012

2012. Happy 3rd Valentine Day

Life! What a precious gift from God!

I had no Diamond in [V]'s day,

I had no Necklace in [V]'s day,

I had no Wristwatch in [V]'s day,

I had no Super Expensive Chocolate in [V]'s day,

I had no Rose in [V]'s day,

I had no Bear in [V]'s day,

I had no Expensive Food in [V]'s day,

I had even no Dear to keep me accompany in whole [V]'s day,
(did but only last for the very last 1 hour)


I'm happy, happy from the deep of my heart, seriously.

I had chocolates as a gift from my man, which is what I feel valuable than Diamond, Necklace, Wristwatch, Rose, Bear and Expensive Food.

Of course I'll happy, too,  if I get 
Diamond, because it's expensive, and expensive. That's it.
Necklace, more or less the same like diamond, as I don't need extra necklace.
Wristwatch, Doesn't need that either.
Rose, romantics and sweet last the most 24 hours, and slowly looked at the rose wither *poor thing*
Bear, Don't get me a bear, seriously, especially don't wish V gift is heap of dust later.
Expensive Food, we could have it any day we want.

So, what make me feel so appreciated?

My [V] gift is only 2 very normal chocolates that could get everywhere, maybe in the airport? Or it might be no spacial at all for somebody else. But, I just have no chances to shop those places and won't get it in purpose. It's just personal preference that I craving for long time ago. As simple as it.

He traveled all the chocolate shops in Langkawi to get me the chocolates that I wished to have it about 14 years, I even without telling him what name, what brand and where to get the chocolate *evil* because I've no idea at all. 

Everything I described to him is just based on my 14 years memory of the chocolate pattern?! But, he got the exactly what chocolate I want.  I feel amazing, as it could be change or anything else. 

The thing is I even gave wrong brand name to him, It's "After Eight" not "Eight O'clock". Feel guilty I did made him into someone else's joke, you know, the cashier. 

He insisted must get the chocolate that I wanted for a long time, had so deeply touched my heart. 
So, this intention has even more value than the other substances.


Love you & Thank you, my love.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Once I wake up today, my mum told me today is a good day.
But, I not feeling that well, I wish to, I wish it's good day for me.
It's like I got thing to do yet, dunno where should it be started or have to start or not.
Actually, I found my path, I know what I should do now. But, just jam me, something else.

Maybe I know why, I feel abnormal. I mean you leave me too long time.
I know it's just one month trip, but please, come back to me.
You know that it's so hard to find the pictures of me & you in order to temporary making me happy, you know the reason right? 
Uh Uh.. Save the saliva and do it.

So, other than you will be making me happy, still, looking at their pictures will make me feel happy, too. 

Jian Lun Dai Lou 22nd Birthday
@Kota Damansara
And again, Tacit Wear without planning
ngek ngek

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Exam in CNY 2012 - Rainbow ThreeKies

Skip all the Grams story, Again. 3K, sounds kid.. So, it's ThreeK from now onward.

And may I ask do you believe in human could be rainbow?

Yes, ThreeKies can!  
in this 2012 CNY

 Thank Ming Wai reserve the package Ang Pow for us in purpose. 

Regen's House First. 

Hmm~~ Something Special this year, game, A Tacit Game that we got, Girls n Boys separately.

ladies first~

~~~Bi Li Ba La, Si Li Hua La~~~

See So Nice, right?
Girls' Won

Now, Boys Turn

White Wine

Then What now?
Test! Exam!
Yeah, in this Chinese New Year..
I repeat
Exam in Chinese New Year!

Alright, testing how much really know about other,
we 7 people,
before this, everyone(7) is require to write down and think 3 questions!
So, yeah, who's lowest marks who's highest.
Not That important!!!

ZX's house

My house

Last Station
and I'm so Alone
Just kidding!

When the moment Gfs are capturing,

I mean rainbow threekies as in the colourful Polo Tee Shirts!!!!!

Monday, February 20, 2012

2012 Chinese New Year

Things smooth so well with flow, well, I like it that way.

There were no abalones like last year. But, there were one supper favorite food of mine.

Big one!! 
Biggest than my hand, no, is boys' hand!!!

OMG, craving for what a long long time, since I was young I had it every time visited my grandmom. I mean lived there (Port Dickson) to spend my school holidays with my cousins until the end of the school holiday where consider part of my childhood. Yet, enjoyed the crabs with my family, too.

I repeat is Crabs not Sea Crabs.

Unfortunately, we never go back to PD except Chinese New Year when we grown old, I mean grown into teenager. Most people did so right in order to hang out with friends instead of family, siblings, relative, we stop gathered since from 2 or 3, can't remember exactly. 

Slowly, I realize there is no more crabs serving for us. Based on my memory, foggy, but at least I remember my uncle spoke "there is no crabs anymore, can't buy", "can't catch the crabs anymore", "A lot people want to, but it could't catch" ...... something like this. (Suddenly feel human so cruel, of course, including me)

What a lucky year - 2012

Crabs, can't stop yelling, I want, I want!

Yet, only 2 or 3 are crabs, majority is Sea Crabs. But, sweet Sea Crabs consider better than Crabs, still, I like crabs more. 

Sorry crabs!!

big fish! 

The food that Chinese New Year must have
from 4th Aunt

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Today is Valentine Day

Oh well, No rules say must blog Valentine Story on Valentine Day day right? 

I wanna my blog have a flow though.

What? My blog. It's okay you call me out dated.

So, less bla more blog..

Here we go..
Board Game
Ya, I'm playing kids game. 

This is what a good memories I ever had.
Will you do that in 21 year old?


To Girlfrends, Glad that you, you, you, you and you like board game.
I'm so happy.
Thanks making me feel that way.

Next, Christmas Day with Girlfriends

The presents 

The lucky ones (Ah Pin) drew my present
there was the CD with the Video

Hehe, My Christmas Present From XiXi

Ah Nie's Christmas Present

Xixi's Christmas Presents
Miow was putting effort on the present's outside paper

Ah Miow's Christmas present.
A handmade toy.

The place in TARC that we used to travel lots


Alright, that's all finish.