Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Once I wake up today, my mum told me today is a good day.
But, I not feeling that well, I wish to, I wish it's good day for me.
It's like I got thing to do yet, dunno where should it be started or have to start or not.
Actually, I found my path, I know what I should do now. But, just jam me, something else.

Maybe I know why, I feel abnormal. I mean you leave me too long time.
I know it's just one month trip, but please, come back to me.
You know that it's so hard to find the pictures of me & you in order to temporary making me happy, you know the reason right? 
Uh Uh.. Save the saliva and do it.

So, other than you will be making me happy, still, looking at their pictures will make me feel happy, too. 

Jian Lun Dai Lou 22nd Birthday
@Kota Damansara
And again, Tacit Wear without planning
ngek ngek


  1. still managed to snap ugly faces in the lift =.=

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