Monday, February 27, 2012

The Comparison Trap

Here come my thought post again which is purely my own thoughts. 

Did you find it? Human beings living on Earth will inevitably and ultimately to compare. Let's say comparison can be a driving force, but, I personally think it's not worth feeling lost and sad or even win and happy.

Have you noticed that you never compare yourself to people who seem to aspire to less than you do. And always choose those people who are the top performance, most popular as your yardstick for success?

Hmm, let's say, like if someone seems to be more... articulate than you, you can either respond in this 2 ways:
1. Can become upset and depressed by telling yourself that you should be as articulate as that person? or
2. Recognized and accept the fact that there are probably a lot people out there who are more articulate than him under certain circumstances, and that's just OKAY!

Playing the comparison game is a dead end street and it is the world's most stupid thing. 

So, please don't come and ask me what's my results if you feeling compare. Don't ask me my salary if you want to compare, Don't ask me what's my boyfriend's salary, job, what branded things I had, what's position, who is prettier, rich, etc............... if you feel comparing! 
(Well, I'm just straightforward, I don't mean it, this is me)

I hate the comparison, and also hate to be compared. 

Are you as good as your friends? bro? sis? Or how about try to be 'normal' person are? 

Can you only be good if you're better than someone else? I mean when we use other as our yardstick, we aren't taking into consideration our own limitation or talents.

Don't tell me compare can be progress, it might be. You'll just be addicted into it and forget the real, exactly why you're here doing this. If you win, it could be you're smarter, luckier and hardworking. But, don't forget it also could be people is just lazier. 

I mean by doing this probably will cause you to lose some other qualities by which you can judge your own worth, like honesty, friendliness, caring nature and animals and so forth. 

And really, What I thought is that, 
People don't value you for how much you're like someone else.
People do Value you for the ways you're being you.

And Why Not? Just enjoying the moment with "real friends"?


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