Monday, February 20, 2012

2012 Chinese New Year

Things smooth so well with flow, well, I like it that way.

There were no abalones like last year. But, there were one supper favorite food of mine.

Big one!! 
Biggest than my hand, no, is boys' hand!!!

OMG, craving for what a long long time, since I was young I had it every time visited my grandmom. I mean lived there (Port Dickson) to spend my school holidays with my cousins until the end of the school holiday where consider part of my childhood. Yet, enjoyed the crabs with my family, too.

I repeat is Crabs not Sea Crabs.

Unfortunately, we never go back to PD except Chinese New Year when we grown old, I mean grown into teenager. Most people did so right in order to hang out with friends instead of family, siblings, relative, we stop gathered since from 2 or 3, can't remember exactly. 

Slowly, I realize there is no more crabs serving for us. Based on my memory, foggy, but at least I remember my uncle spoke "there is no crabs anymore, can't buy", "can't catch the crabs anymore", "A lot people want to, but it could't catch" ...... something like this. (Suddenly feel human so cruel, of course, including me)

What a lucky year - 2012

Crabs, can't stop yelling, I want, I want!

Yet, only 2 or 3 are crabs, majority is Sea Crabs. But, sweet Sea Crabs consider better than Crabs, still, I like crabs more. 

Sorry crabs!!

big fish! 

The food that Chinese New Year must have
from 4th Aunt


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