Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Today is Valentine Day

Oh well, No rules say must blog Valentine Story on Valentine Day day right? 

I wanna my blog have a flow though.

What? My blog. It's okay you call me out dated.

So, less bla more blog..

Here we go..
Board Game
Ya, I'm playing kids game. 

This is what a good memories I ever had.
Will you do that in 21 year old?


To Girlfrends, Glad that you, you, you, you and you like board game.
I'm so happy.
Thanks making me feel that way.

Next, Christmas Day with Girlfriends

The presents 

The lucky ones (Ah Pin) drew my present
there was the CD with the Video

Hehe, My Christmas Present From XiXi

Ah Nie's Christmas Present

Xixi's Christmas Presents
Miow was putting effort on the present's outside paper

Ah Miow's Christmas present.
A handmade toy.

The place in TARC that we used to travel lots


Alright, that's all finish.


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