Thursday, January 19, 2012

Fulfilling Life

It does consider come to second stage of my life. Before go into my topic, still wanna pray hard for my FSA subject. God Bless me, seriously.

*Breath hard* what an exhausted day today. I did mention I’m gonna work after finish final exam right. So, yeah, I’m working, no, I mean helping Dan’s mum in the office. Anyway, no matter what it is, it’s good sign for me and things come automatic, so, I’m not staying at my home for nothing. Ha, so good.

But, I feeling like wanna go Mid Valley. Hmm~ ignore it.

Aw, Can’t wait for the coming CNY, gonna enjoy with my friends and family soon.

Monday, January 16, 2012

CFP next module 5, No good ≥﹏≤ yet like it

Just meeting up with XiXi and Ah Pin just now for registered the Next CFP module 5.
Quite looking forward to it actually, because it will be all about Retirement Planning & Estate Planning.
Aw, I like (^v^) Especially  retirement planning.

But, i get a sad thing is the payment. RM1k, (>﹏< NO~   *Dinitrate*

Not to mention I pay by own, although I counted for it, it'd spend one day, but still has feeling when things coming in front of me. 

Wish this professional cert make some different for my future, I mean extra income (=^_^=), hey, but why hope. I gonna to MAKE it happen for my future, for sure, for good, for real.

By the way here is the msg for Miow and BeeJin, we been writing down you both name under Miss Chow Yee Ping class, as we think that, her class worth with the money we paid. Hahahahah!!! ~~~///(^v^)\\\~~~ 

Sunday, January 15, 2012

9 month Niece

Chinese New Year is around the corner
Personal feel the video nothing special, 
but with a baby issue, then it's turn into different story. 

My niece like advertisement, 
get excited every time advertisement showing,
specially with the adorable dragon.
She'll just scream or stop half way when focusing playing on her toy when the moment this song is playing through the television. 

Especially with this part,

And so, I just downloaded the song from YouTube and play for her. 
Wow, suddenly there was a strong feeling Chinese new year.
Aw~ Like it.

Lup my niece. 
Heard hands up from 2PM?
She'll dance.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Stop being Lazy Bug

Alright, gotta clean up and tidy up my room. Perhaps decorate (don't think I'll do it) *laugh*
Stop be lazy bug since plan to do it the day after exam, but haven't start it at all. \(╯-╰)/

It's better to find something to do than thinking madness stuff.
Whatever, I prefer good, clear, clean, empty, tidy environment than messy, seriously hate messy!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Who else to bright up my college life, them

People should be grateful, I mean thanksgiving

This gonna be a short post, just to re-flash back my group trip memories. There's some people I gonna to thanks too. 

I born weak, physically, use to it actually. A 2 days 1 night Cameron Highland Trip had made me 3 times vomit on the way back to KL. Is Motion Sickness, car sickness *doh*. Not gonna to go in details, why, how, since it's past. And no medic cure because I'm allergic with medic, ha!

More important are the people who used to take care of me. It's awesome, they don't care how disgusting it was, still din't give up. I feel warm, really. 

Don't know how to show my thankful, but Thanks from the deep of my heart, Really. Maybe it's nothing for y'll, but, it means alot to me. Ha. So, again.

Thank you so much, friends. 

Ah yin, Miow n Jess

And Also Mun Ling, the right one with black shirt. 
Kiki, the read shirt left side girl. She is so cute, apologize to me because of scared.
It's okay, dear, I know it's disgusting.

That's all peeps.
Load Love

Thursday, January 12, 2012

They Bright up my college life, heart

It should be my first day of holiday, but, I'll not return to school anymore, so not consider sem break or holidays... anymore....right? ha.  Not a graduate student but, FINISH EXAM!!! hohohoho~~~ Praying hard, god bless yesterday paper, although every question I spot was appearing (bear in mind I studied everything too), not so confident on Section A part, though. 

I sincerely need a PASS enough, seriously. Is not about SCORE but not gonna study again and stress again, super suffering. Really gotta SOL "Everyday I'm suffering~~~", seriously! Anyway~~~ 

What's'll be going next of my life was still working on it, and there's not my main point for today blog. Then what is? 

Purposely wanna to blog my apologize to 'them'. Sorry for unable to join with Batu Pahat trip due to some reason although I did really wanna to join, believe me I did, really. Will be sad, sure. Waiting for me, perhaps? (Y'll so kind enough, I guess will, ha) But, I  more don't wish to be the cause with postponing the plan. 

So, now, College Life is about end. Yaya, i know still haven't, have to wait the result release. But, gonna to thanks those people who keep me accompany in college. 

Love the way they play,
Love the way they talk,
Love the way they care, 
Love the way they share,
Love the way they thought, 
Love the way they fun,
Love they way they act. 
Lucky to know them.

My Girlfriends

Been learn lots from you guys, The day we spend is not that much, and sure have some "human being things" that made awkward to each others in the past, but the more important is learn from mistake and to know what and who you want to be. 

I'll always prefer the friendship goes into deeper rather than surface, trust and caring is more important than everything. Feel, feel something and be understanding. Is not hard to keep the "short" relationship. 
Respecting people have their own style, Be Original !!~

Enjoy the video, We're ugly, but don't care, Happy is more important!!

Okay, don't know what's wrong with part 2, but, will be more funny.
Here is the link that you can enjoy ^.^

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Last Exam Paper from TARC

Been a tough day today, wow, had done my last exam paper - Financial Statement Analysis few hours ago.
Yuhuu~ I'm officially free now. So, what's next, Work? should be. 

*breath* Just coming back, still have to clear all those notes and stationary on my table. 

Happy to get the RM200 book vouchers which free from Budget 2012. 
As lucky I'm still a student for now. *tongue*

And, yeah, get my hair cut. 
not much different k, just for nice and tidy. 

So, there is my first post of 2012. *laugh*