Monday, January 16, 2012

CFP next module 5, No good ≥﹏≤ yet like it

Just meeting up with XiXi and Ah Pin just now for registered the Next CFP module 5.
Quite looking forward to it actually, because it will be all about Retirement Planning & Estate Planning.
Aw, I like (^v^) Especially  retirement planning.

But, i get a sad thing is the payment. RM1k, (>﹏< NO~   *Dinitrate*

Not to mention I pay by own, although I counted for it, it'd spend one day, but still has feeling when things coming in front of me. 

Wish this professional cert make some different for my future, I mean extra income (=^_^=), hey, but why hope. I gonna to MAKE it happen for my future, for sure, for good, for real.

By the way here is the msg for Miow and BeeJin, we been writing down you both name under Miss Chow Yee Ping class, as we think that, her class worth with the money we paid. Hahahahah!!! ~~~///(^v^)\\\~~~ 


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