Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Wow! My blog, My blog. I miss 'you' so much!!! Have been abandon for so many days, sob sob!! Soon, I'll be back, so many April baby in my life, I'm one of it, XD~
P/S: I have fully enjoy my sweet 21st birthday!!!  Waiting & Gonna head out with my dear See Eng now!

So, people,

Stay tuned!!!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Funny + meaningful Advertisements

*Sigh* The female physiology is drag me crazy*sad*, how good if you have a healthy body. But, never mind treat myself better, smile more laugh more! It's better than overreacting to make it more worse right? So, yeah, let's just see those funny advertisement though, I never know advertisements can be the way so creative until one day I found the book that is regarding funny advertisements in the library, but, it's either UK or US, but not Malaysia, LOL. 

#1 Timotei is a hair spray I guess and even Lion's hair can be long lasting, gosh!

#2 Kiss FM

#3 Pringles with Hot and Spicy, spot the advertisement? make hot balloon fly @@

#4 People who are looking job, here it is, :p!

#5 ShuPeng Khoo your favorite!




#9 Spot his head??? So, just buy the helmets~


#11 Stop eating fast food kay?

#12 How Google Chrome Logo is made @@?!

#13 Don't think, just use it!

#14 I see you, you see me!

#15 @@

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Jessie J - Price Tag ft. B.o.B.

~~~~Ain't about the (oh) Cha Ching Cha Ching,
Ain't about the (yeah) Bla Bling Bla Bling~~~~
♪ ♫ ♩ ♬ ♭ ♮ ♯

Yo, I'm now playing the song above, called Price Tag. Okay, does anyone know what is the song about? I'm not 100% sure what the song means though, maybe its talking a prostitute I guess, from the first line here,
 "Seems like everybody's got a price,I wonder how they sleep at night. 

When the sale comes first, 
And the truth comes second, 
Just stop, for a minute and Smile"

Or maybe talking about the people nowadays with so "money-face". It's mean people want to be your is because you're rich. Anything, as long as it's so nice to listen. Ha!

It's quite true, isn't it? I'm not come from rich family, but as I'm the identity of current student felt that, $Money$, enough to use just fine. Just always remind myself, buy something that is what I Need rather than what I Want! yeah~ Maybe I can't enjoyed the fashion trend, branded or anything I wanted like others though, but, I rather to get it from myself than thinking to get it from others. Just that every time when you wanna buy the thing ask yourself 3 times "Is that necessary?". But, of course, reward yourself from the success occasionally to bright up your life it's doesn't matter*smile*.

Another meaningful get from the song lyrics, 
"Okay! We need to take it back in time, 

When music made us all unite 
And it wasn't low blows and video hoes, 
Am I the only one getting tired 
Why is everybody so obsessed 
Money can't buy us happiness 
Can we all slow down and enjoy right now 

Guarantee we'll be feeling Alright. "

The feeling of wanna invest suddenly coming, but, it's still not the time yet. Oh, crap! Just think about it only, maybe listed in my future task, who knows. Ha! This is also why I has chosen Banking & Finance course

Okay, that's all, enjoy people!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Everyone complaining about  this few days,  today, the rain had finally. 

The thing is, I'm getting ill in this few days, , scarcely didn't really enjoy on the birthday party last Saturday! And I would like to thanks Shu Peng's awesome family!! XoXo! Of course, not forget my Dan! Love<3


Sore throat 

are what i'm "enjoying" now~ I not suppose to be so poor :( So, people don't get the same thing like me, okay?!

Make sure your body have enough this !!

Take care!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Promise to share - CNY 2011 (除二) - Dinner

Now come to part 2, ha, we sure having dinner at restaurant every 初二, this is our culture and I love it, I love my big family, I really am! Hmm, uh, okay, don't expect I got take down awesome food, kay? Because I just wanna to eat that time. LOL.

Big family till need 3 tables.

guess what? Tables was sit according to seniority in the family.

 my youngest bro and 2 cousins bro!

Teck Wei, my youngest cousin bro from SG who bought a new camera that have lil screen in front of camera for ppl to self  capture, the special is, it'll took automatically by the camera once it sense the awesome smile. Honestly, it's very fun to play. Laugh.

How could it not be existed in the CNY.
Oops, spot someone botak, he now NS in SG! All the best yea :)

Shirly, her FB got 3 thousands friends. But she just 15 year old.

my aunt, grandma and her son.

Merry(maid) and my cousin bro's daughter.

another cousin bro's daughters.



Another GUCCI wallet from my cousins bro, now I realize, my family is seriously GUCCI-holic.
my bro, cousinssss, all carry GUCCI, but why GUCCI?

This what I spot in the restaurant, let's guess, what is it?
The true face of abalone!!!! 

Am done, people, gonna head out later, and today is a quite busy day, I guess! Suddenly, need to make decisions for 4 or 5 stuffs. Frankly speaking, am not feeling well, I didn't really have a good sleep last night. Running nose is killing till this 5am early morning~ Anyway, Just god bless, Lucky stars is always to me! Although is messy, but i appreciated for people who understanding me. Just cheer up. LOL!

Promise to share - CNY 2011 (除夕) - Steamboat

Okay, I know it's very late right now, but, I still felt kinda full, just back from Jogoya with Dan. And guess what? I meet Sook See, but really fool me, till come back and saw my notes only realize today is her birthday!!! That's why Am thinking about something, yea something, but I'm fail. I apologize here, Sook See, sorry! unable to remember it, no wonder you're so pretty*Laugh*. Happy 21st [B]day! May all your wishessss come true!!!

Fine(x3), I'm here to share CNY memory but not Jogoya. Don't worries, I'll not stuck my 'peak' life though. And CNY 2011 is what I always mention about it also is why run all my way to visit cousin sis at Subang USJ. Maybe people will feel like, wow, CNY has passed a long time, it was so outdated. But just, I still have to work out on my duty or promise to blog about this, just that, a post better than never*wink*. I think it won't take you a long time, because pictures will be more than words LOL.

Spot it? How could it be? 

Have a steamboat on our Reunion Dinner!

Its huge steamboat never happened in my life
it was the first time.
what the special that you can't have in daily? like sea cucumber, fish maw, abalone, jellyfish and bla bla. Okay, sure can have it on that day

2011 is the most people bought abalone year
How to different the real one, fake one, expensive one, cheaper one,  belongs to which types, okay just stop it and ask the expert, my auntssssss!!

just here to Congratulations and Ciaozzz

Just ignore my half hanging stupid spec, pls