Saturday, April 9, 2011

Funny + meaningful Advertisements

*Sigh* The female physiology is drag me crazy*sad*, how good if you have a healthy body. But, never mind treat myself better, smile more laugh more! It's better than overreacting to make it more worse right? So, yeah, let's just see those funny advertisement though, I never know advertisements can be the way so creative until one day I found the book that is regarding funny advertisements in the library, but, it's either UK or US, but not Malaysia, LOL. 

#1 Timotei is a hair spray I guess and even Lion's hair can be long lasting, gosh!

#2 Kiss FM

#3 Pringles with Hot and Spicy, spot the advertisement? make hot balloon fly @@

#4 People who are looking job, here it is, :p!

#5 ShuPeng Khoo your favorite!




#9 Spot his head??? So, just buy the helmets~


#11 Stop eating fast food kay?

#12 How Google Chrome Logo is made @@?!

#13 Don't think, just use it!

#14 I see you, you see me!

#15 @@


  1. some are funny other I must say really creative. thumbs up for these ppl and their innovative ideas.

  2. @Cassy, :) keep in touch yea :)
    @Nava, yea, thumbs up :) I saw more creative on the books, but don't know how to search from the net.

  3. Funny + meaningful Advertisements nice post useful post thanks this post

  4. Funny + meaningful Advertisements nice post and useful post thanks this post