Thursday, April 7, 2011

Jessie J - Price Tag ft. B.o.B.

~~~~Ain't about the (oh) Cha Ching Cha Ching,
Ain't about the (yeah) Bla Bling Bla Bling~~~~
♪ ♫ ♩ ♬ ♭ ♮ ♯

Yo, I'm now playing the song above, called Price Tag. Okay, does anyone know what is the song about? I'm not 100% sure what the song means though, maybe its talking a prostitute I guess, from the first line here,
 "Seems like everybody's got a price,I wonder how they sleep at night. 

When the sale comes first, 
And the truth comes second, 
Just stop, for a minute and Smile"

Or maybe talking about the people nowadays with so "money-face". It's mean people want to be your is because you're rich. Anything, as long as it's so nice to listen. Ha!

It's quite true, isn't it? I'm not come from rich family, but as I'm the identity of current student felt that, $Money$, enough to use just fine. Just always remind myself, buy something that is what I Need rather than what I Want! yeah~ Maybe I can't enjoyed the fashion trend, branded or anything I wanted like others though, but, I rather to get it from myself than thinking to get it from others. Just that every time when you wanna buy the thing ask yourself 3 times "Is that necessary?". But, of course, reward yourself from the success occasionally to bright up your life it's doesn't matter*smile*.

Another meaningful get from the song lyrics, 
"Okay! We need to take it back in time, 

When music made us all unite 
And it wasn't low blows and video hoes, 
Am I the only one getting tired 
Why is everybody so obsessed 
Money can't buy us happiness 
Can we all slow down and enjoy right now 

Guarantee we'll be feeling Alright. "

The feeling of wanna invest suddenly coming, but, it's still not the time yet. Oh, crap! Just think about it only, maybe listed in my future task, who knows. Ha! This is also why I has chosen Banking & Finance course

Okay, that's all, enjoy people!


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  2. For me, plenty I want to buy but always think of what I can afford and whether I really need to shop.