Friday, April 1, 2011

Promise to share - CNY 2011 (除夕) - Steamboat

Okay, I know it's very late right now, but, I still felt kinda full, just back from Jogoya with Dan. And guess what? I meet Sook See, but really fool me, till come back and saw my notes only realize today is her birthday!!! That's why Am thinking about something, yea something, but I'm fail. I apologize here, Sook See, sorry! unable to remember it, no wonder you're so pretty*Laugh*. Happy 21st [B]day! May all your wishessss come true!!!

Fine(x3), I'm here to share CNY memory but not Jogoya. Don't worries, I'll not stuck my 'peak' life though. And CNY 2011 is what I always mention about it also is why run all my way to visit cousin sis at Subang USJ. Maybe people will feel like, wow, CNY has passed a long time, it was so outdated. But just, I still have to work out on my duty or promise to blog about this, just that, a post better than never*wink*. I think it won't take you a long time, because pictures will be more than words LOL.

Spot it? How could it be? 

Have a steamboat on our Reunion Dinner!

Its huge steamboat never happened in my life
it was the first time.
what the special that you can't have in daily? like sea cucumber, fish maw, abalone, jellyfish and bla bla. Okay, sure can have it on that day

2011 is the most people bought abalone year
How to different the real one, fake one, expensive one, cheaper one,  belongs to which types, okay just stop it and ask the expert, my auntssssss!!

just here to Congratulations and Ciaozzz

Just ignore my half hanging stupid spec, pls



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