Sunday, March 27, 2011

Random Post

*Deep breath* Sorry I kinda not in the mood today, felt so vexed about something, but it's hard to explain though, because the thing is I don't even know what I wan, too. Just ignore it, it's no way to make my blog post so emo*smile*. And blogging do always fresh up my mind, since I'm doing the things that I love*wink*

Wow! Finally, I had managed to step my cousin house last Sunday. Just a simple one day trip after having brunch @lavein with 3K crazy gang. Unfortunately, my cousin sis who used to be twins with me was on her way to edu fair at KLCC, yea, she plan to finish his ACCA professional course at UK and also busy with her exam, so didn't have chance to really chit chat with her. But, I do enjoy with the 2 younger cousin sis though. 
On the way headed to Sunway Pyramid. 

Bought one roxy slippers there*happy*
I like roxy, and ROXY ROCK!

Roxy shirt

Roxy bag from Paris, It's present from my lovely, Dan*smoochesss*
 (uh, I just bought the slippers that day, haha, the others 2 just shown how am roxy-holic are)

Playing their pro camera-DSLR 550D*laugh*

After came back from Sunway before going back to my home sweet home, playing another semi pro camera first, LOL.

Dan is chatting with my eldest cousin sis. Well, we are discuss about camera, LOL. 
And now I'm only realize the important for this kind of camera is all about their lens.

Spotted: the picture which shoot out by the semi pro camera didn't as good as the DSLR. 
DSLR r.o.c.k!

Okay, up to here, End of story.
Let's proceed to night out with Dan's friends. Location at Slicetan cafe(am I spell wrong?), Cheras. 

Have you seen the smallest size MahJong before, well, I didn't. But, I AM after last week. Oh my gosh, it's so small! They keep claiming the biggest size MahJong, I mean standard size MahJong will make noise and afraid of annoying neighborhood. So decide to buy a small one in order to lower down the noise. Okay, I thought it's a standard size small, those 3 players one, get what I mean? Mmm, just didn't expect to see the smallest size MahJong, LMAO.

PERHAPS picture speaks a thousand words, does it?

even smaller than a finger!

The most funny moment, in Cantonese we say four 吗腊佬 are playing the smallest MahJong. It means four strong guy, BL.


  1. Wow, you had some time in doing what you likes away and de-stress. It great to do that. You surely look stunning too.

  2. yea, thank you, just be happy, in life, right?