Monday, March 7, 2011

The weird feel

If you're TARCians, you'll know today is examination result released date in the business school studies, and yup, I'm one of the 'victim', haha, for my first year and second semester Advanced Diploma Banking and Finance course. Well, frankly speaking, this post might be a little boring, because I'm borrowing my little world here to tell my own little thoughts.

Nothing much, just yea, I Did It! but hate myself immediately ask for more after checked, although, as what I keep mention I didn't put so much effort and aimed like Diploma time. And frank to say that didn't have strong feel on the result I got but worried bout next semester. Year 2. Maybe this is why I didn't have strong feel. If first year is tough, second year'll more tough and more challenging~ "Don't play play!"

To be honested, I always persuade myself to aim for pass, not just only because fear of fail but also it's bring me stressful if aim for high grade. But then, I always blaming why can't I just do it better on this or that exam paper. Why can't I just put effort on this or that paper more, if not, I can get high grade on which which exam paper like others though. But, the thing is I almost forget how hard and tough have been gone through when sitting on those exam paper. Keep on craped on how hate, boring, tired, suck, give up and bla bla bla in the exam period life.(and also when the time doing our assignmentssss! They carries 40% out of 100% in the final) I swear no one felt good in the study weeks. If yes, congrats, you're champion. But, I'm not, Imma not genius, I even need to keep my baby lappy, tv, radio, bed or home away to force myself study in the library or somewhere else that don't have electronic entertainment. Gosh, too over, but it's fact. Haha! Here, Thanks Dan borrow your silent house for me to study, or else I'll die. =P And, thanks jie listened my crap and also your lovely encouraged!! And others also~

So, friends, who're sitting on your mid-term test or busying on your assignment, believe me, do it one shot better or the best on it. Because, if work hard, result wont mistreats you. Those hardness and toughness are  gone fast. And yet, I've to improve also! haha. Stop here, No! I believe the enemy is always ourself, hehe! Be myself, do not ask for hard harvest! muahaha!

Somehow, many friends shout study is better than work! This is strongly remind me to cherish for the one more year study time. So, play hard, study smart, study hard, and anything, haha! cheer up!Wish I can do better on next year and everyone too!


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