Saturday, March 12, 2011

Cheer up

*Couch*Hey, is it blogspot is under maintenance or what? Why my front all become 'Times'? Hum, not really like it*boring look*. Anyway, just look at the next few days there is a change or not, or else, I gotta change it* tongue*.

*Ouch*My muscle ache, again, not leg (not jogging) but my hand and back of my body. Super exhausted because help my Dan packing the stocks from MNS shop for today Raptor Watch event, at Tanjung Tuan, PD(Port Dickson) until 1am  today and did the price list till 6am. That's why, have to postpone to go my cousin sis house, again and again. 

But, I did nothing compare to Dan, he still has to work for this 2 days, too. 我看了都心疼*sad*.
Here is the message for you, Dan: See, it's raining, as I said always Raptor Watch event day = raining day. LOL. Hey, no matter what's the sales I'll always support you*sweet smile*.

Whoops, talking about my cousin sister, just wanna to say that Pavan and Danny have no Fate at all*sad*. Keli, right? LOL. 

*sign* Recently, people around me is so emo, I don't know is it a trend? But, try my best to make my blog funny and let's just chill and cheer up*Laugh*



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