Sunday, March 13, 2011


Wow! today is Sunday, everyone love it, right? What a cool free day. Just realize blogwalkersssss have been became a trend now, huh. Well, I’m one of it since 2006, but mainly for friends(if not?) and start be a blog walking for others since last year, just that be the silent one, because I think it’s quite weird to post comment tough*laugh*.  Because don’t know what to comment on, but then, a simple hi, drop by… is enough of it, wow, so nice!

Well, I just found out, this- Innit(click) by Nuffnang, okay, it’s been a long time there, since 2010 or even more earlier, but just don’t care when I found it then, as long as I can easy access others’ blog to read, and it’s pretty cool*smile*.

Innit -> discover life. Read awesome blogs. This about you can share topics with fellow Nuffnangers by submitted your interesting blog posts and also view the topics that you find interesting on the innit mainpage, well, this is what I’ll always do on free time. There are few categories like happening, lifestyle, entertainment, science/technology, business and sports. Just choose which one you feel like it and then ‘Nang it!!! And what else, for sure do a favor to Nuffnangers by click the advertisement tough*giggle*. Don’t worry, I’ll serious read through and serious PM even serious click*tongue*.

That’s all for today,
drink more water, stay healthy,


  1. I must admit I did discover ppl who write great articles. But nang is only for the articles worth doing so rather than blindly for the sake of friends.

  2. Hey, Nava, that's so true, I'm agree with it.

  3. thanks Karen for your comments on my blog and to link my blog, nice knowing you.